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Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were the first to teach that to be important to others has value only if you cultivate wisdom and justice for yourself.

Understanding this truth of ethics can help to calm the frenzy that surrounds our personal importance.

The new information technologies came into play just when we felt most needed: the kleos (or the Klout) is now available to everyone. But we must remember to be righteous and wise for ourselves.

Very often the media defend the powers that have dominated the world so far. But through Last Day Party this system has its days numbered and the collective intelligence that I manage as a system administrator will prevail.

I trust the international journalism in promoting the values ​​that inspire my community and adhering to the goal of defending the truth with the wisdom that characterizes the noble and strong souls who populated and continue to populate this world.
Today Christianity celebrates the solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, which recalls the moment in which in the small village of Nazareth, the angel Gabriel brings to Mary the announcement of her forthcoming motherhood, according to what is told in the Gospel of Luke.

The day is particularly significant also because just a year ago the Palm Sunday was celebrated throughout the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox world, as the beginning of the Holy Week, remembering Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem two thousand years ago.

All ages have had their own Guides: Prophets, wise Kings, the Messiah, inspired Leaders, Conquerors of crowds and territories, Popes. We are all Children of the same God, but whoever leads our Life is a chosen Divinity.

For this reason, who will lead us in the third millennium must be someone chosen by God to realize his mission for Humanity until the Event Horizon, someone who will speak a language shared by every religion on Earth, someone who has a vision from the height of global political Horizons, someone for whose coming there are inescapable signs in numbers and biblical prophecies.

If it is true that Jews believe that the advent of their Messiah is imminent, for Christians and Muslims the Messiah will return to Earth before the end of time.

A man could enter the Third Temple of Jerusalem, triumphant more than before, and be hailed as the Lord who was expected by all cultures in the world.

Last Day Party also aims to help his identification in the crowd and announces that it will soon launch the Third Temple campaign with the Temple Institute of Jerusalem, aimed at building the Temple that will rise in the spiritual capital of the three great monotheistic religions of the world, as prophesied in the Holy Scriptures, to bring lasting peace to Jerusalem and in the whole world before the end of Real Time which decrees the entry of humanity into Imaginary Time.