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We are facing a global situation characterized by a deep and structural crisis of the sociopolitical systems. It's a time of great confusion and suffering for most people, due to the disagreement about the decisions of the political management class. The current state of global affairs determines a gradual increase of complexity, within a framework where political divisions still correspond to geographical areas and political parties. Faced with such inertia, tensions appear between society and politics, between countries and between the various social classes, because leaders are ill-prepared to find solutions and new recipes to change directions together. A change is needed as regards some of the paradoxes that characterize the way mankind gives itself rules, in a more and more globalized economic and social context. However, for society to evolve it is important to implement a new control, which must deal with the knowledge of causes and wisdom, before the success of one is achieved to the detriment of the other. The new approach should contribute to a better handling of the risks and opportunities linked to the evolution of every individual, this evolution being the essential component of a multiform social cell that is in harmony with its own environment. It is now time to halt the cycles of growth and decline and to mention a timeless watchword: “let’s evolve together, for each one of us to achieve their own potential”. Such is the assignment of Last Day Party, a Non-Governmental Organization created to address the current crisis in response to the changes that are affecting the world at the beginning of the third millennium.

Last Day Party has three main goals:

1. Helpfully influence the public debate by bringing pragmatic and original ideas. The public debate in the world all too often remains confiscated by the political parties and the administration, leaving the civil society aside as it is rarely considered as a negotiator in itself. Convinced that the civil society’s stakeholders have the necessary resources to bring pragmatic and original answers, we have decided to lean on them when creating this open and impartial area for reflection. By gathering people from the most various backgrounds and experience, Last Day Party contributes to promoting a reflection freed from any political, economic or cultural bias. We make our suggestions independently, relying on personal research, but also by getting inspiration from relevant local examples.
2. Contribute to global social cohesion through a dialogue with the general public. Last Day Party offers public arenas open to everyone’s contribution, be they natural persons or legal entities, which want to safeguard the most important heritage Earth has ever had, namely knowledge. Last Day Party is a social network, that give everyone the right to freely express themselves on topics such as economic, social and environmental policies, as well as on current affairs concerning the people and the parties that lead us. Last Day Party is preparing the ground for changes, where they are needed, as if it were doomsday.
3. Help to define local public policies in order to improve the global economic and social environment. Every idea generated by Last Day Party is represented by a world expert who synthesizes the content of his thought and research through a slogan adapted to discussion and reflection, a description of the thought that motivates his idea, and an analysis of the existing problem and the possible solution. Every expert has authority to present and support the local implementation of the political indications as defined by his research, while speaking to governments in the framework of a new world order.

Therefore, we are actively promoting the results of our ideation process and trying to have decision-makers endorse the political, strategic and operational recommendations that conclude the workflow of the best ideas. In every area of competence, Last Day Party’s decision-making process is decentralized over its campaigns managers. That is the reason why they have steady relationships with the authorities. The platform concretely allows the execution of a Democracy 2.0 system through an Open Innovation Network, with the aim to

i. Promote globally the constitutive campaigns of Last Day Party, asking to people for their idea contributing to the humanity evolution.
ii. Allow to the local administration to interact with citizens also city by city through local campaigns.
iii. Allow to the private organizations to launch their own challenges of open innovation.

Everyone is welcome to join LastDayParty.
Your Ideas | Our Future

Watch the official presentation of LastDayParty.

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