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Qmarkets have been approved as a trusted supplier to UK government entities through the Crown Commercial Services’ G-Cloud Framework. The framework lists cloud-based suppliers and solution providers, that meet the UK Government’s stringent requirements. The initiative aims to make the implementation of IT Cloud services quicker, easier, and safer for public sector organisations.

The UK Government G-Cloud framework was established in 2012 to encourage the use of, and trust, in Cloud-based suppliers. The framework includes a comprehensive selection of SaaS offerings, including customer relationship management, project collaboration tools, and idea management platforms.

Qmarkets’ profiles on the G-cloud Digital Marketplace are:

- Qmarkets Q-ideate Idea & Innovation Management Software, for internal use.
- Q-open Open Innovation Software, in the Lastdayparty gender. 

Qmarkets’ collective intelligence SaaS solutions can now be found on the UK Government G-Cloud Framework, listed primarily in the ‘Idea Management’ category. From there, public sector organizations will be able to view important information about Qmarkets, including technical specifications, pricing information, and a service level agreement.

Qmarkets have lots of experience with government bodies across the globe, so they are pleased to be listed as a trusted supplier on the UK Government G-Cloud Framework. This will allow for the UK public sector to safely use the Qmarkets cutting-edge innovation technology, which has become crucial in such disruptive times.

Qmarkets has a dedicated UK presence to support and assist organizations in the UK who are interested in engaging any audience to generate innovative ideas and results. This development will help organizations in both the public and private sector to know what to expect when choosing to work with Qmarkets on strategic innovation initiatives.

Lastdayparty, which is a partner of Qmarkets for the sale, implementation and consulting in the field of Cloud solutions for the management of ideas and innovation, hopes that other countries will align with the UK standards, so that the adoption of its solutions is even more efficient and secure, especially in the public sector.

If you are interested in learning more about our collective intelligence solutions and ideas & innovation management, you can contact Lastdayparty via email at partnership (at) or directly on the Qmarkets website.
Last Day Party is starting to form partnerships with some European universities and intends to extend its proposal to all the most advanced universities in the world.

As the world's most advanced collective intelligence platform for the management of ideas and innovation, Last Day Party proposes to involve in its network motivated and prepared students in their study disciplines, together with their professors, with the following purposes:
  1. Allow the sharing of knowledge that is the result of their studies, their critical thinking and their research.
  2. Create a didactic and technological tool for learning, experimenting and sharing.
  3. Be a node of exchange and interaction between universities and the world of work.
  4. Involve the best thinking resources on the planet to contribute to research on avant-garde themes, interacting with students belonging to other universities. At present, students can participate in some forty innovation campaigns, and many more will be launched within the current year.

The use of the service, completely free of charge, can take place, through the automatic translation of the content, in one of the 5 languages ​​currently implemented: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Students will be able to respond to the innovation campaigns of the third millennium by presenting their best ideas, which will enter a scientific and structured workflow, ranging from presentation to collaboration, from evaluation to implementation, aimed at achieving the best for each of the campaigns launched by Last Day Party and its partners.

Through Last Day Party and the Gamification features integrated into its platform, the best contributions can also be rewarded economically or through proposals for employment or collaboration in the area of ​​specialization of the authors.

If your response to our proposal was positive, we would have the following possibilities to carry out the partnership operation between the participating university and Last Day Party:
  1. The faculty and the departments participating in the initiative will communicate to students about their adhesion to the partnership proposed by Last Day Party, leaving students free to choose whether to join the platform and participate in the innovation campaigns reserved for them for which they have interest.
  2. Universities select students who express their interest in the initiative, collect their email addresses and communicate them to Last Day Party, along with their full name. The system will notify them of the possibility of completing the registration through their profiling, before being able to interact with the contents of the platform.
If you represent a university or a student association and you are interested in having more information about it, you can forward your requests to the email address partnership (at)
Last Day Party will be at your disposal for any clarification useful for understanding the potential and synergies that we are able to offer you.

Last Day Party
Your Ideas | Our Future
As World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, Coronavirus has become a pandemic.

The measures adopted by governments in which the spread of Coronavirus has been most important, including China, South Korea and Italy, consist of putting the population in quarantine in order to slow down and stop the infections.

To this end, economic activities that involve the closeness or assemblage of many people must be reduced, controlled or suspended for the period necessary to reduce or eliminate contagions.

Fortunately, modern information technologies today allow people to work from home through smart working, mitigating the penalization of the economy and of the decision-making processes.

In this context, Last Day Party is proud to make its collective intelligence platform available to organizations for which decision-making processes must be guaranteed in a collaborative and scientific way. In this way, for example:
  • Companies can involve their collaborators and their market from home to carry out continuous improvement or open innovation initiatives, linked to new products, services or processes.
  • Public administrations can launch improvement campaigns involving citizens in reporting and effective treatment of malfunctions in the area.
  • Governments can implement their decision-making processes in the formulation of new decrees and laws by involving elected government representatives in a virtual committee that can be decentralized from the walls of the chambers or senates.
  • Universities and schools can have students carry out research at home about the challenges they have the opportunity to launch on Last Day Party.

You are therefore invited to become a member of Last Day Party through the Sign Up to contribute with your ideas to solve the campaigns of the third millennium or to present the challenges that you will want to manage as a company, public administration, institution, government or university.

Your Ideas | Our Future
For fans of numbers and cabal, February 2, 2020 represents a very rare event that unites the whole world, because the date can be read in the same way both from the right and from the left in any way the day, month and year are arranged.

The dating system used by humanity is that of the year Anno Domini, which is based on the birth of Jesus Christ. It is conventionally used in all countries of the world. In the United States and Canada, the representation format is month / day / year, while in the rest of the world it is day / month / year.

Today is an event that unites all humanity and also represents a link between Judaism and Christianity.

In the Christian world, in fact, the date falls on the day of Candlemas, the so-called "feast of light", in honor of Jesus Christ "light of the world", the day on which for centuries it has been customary to bless candles. Its origin is linked to the presentation in the Temple of Jesus, that is, its first official public release. Even today, this is a mandatory event for all male firstborn children born to Jews.

To find another ambivalent palindrome it is necessary to go back to 11 November 1111 in the Middle Ages (11.11.1111), when the "American" date obviously did not exist, while the next one will be that of 12 December 2121 (12.12.2121) . This date is made up of only two digits, one and two repeating at regular intervals, as fascinating as that of the New Year of the 10s of the thousand century, a real binary code: 01.01.1010.

In this context, it is fundamental mentioning that according to 216-digits research, the evolution of our planet, that of life of men and women populating it, are associated with time within a non-linear dynamic, and are associated with the law π (x + y) (t-xy) = 69696, where π is considered to be the approximation computed by Archimedes from Syracuse for a 96-sided polygon, circumscribed to the circle, and 69696 is the largest palindrome number known by humanity to be at the same time square of a number and sum of two twin prime numbers.

This law of time indicates a numerical singularity in 2028AD, the year in which humanity will enter the so-called Imaginary Time.

For this reason, today is a singular day because hypothetically humanity will never again be able to share a world palindrome date in the Real Time.

This is therefore a special occasion for which Last Day Party invites you to participate in the following campaigns related to this event: The Third Temple, The Nature of Time, and Digital Philosophy.

Today we can greet the year of the pig with a lesson for everyone.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the year of the pig precedes that of the mouse.
This year, however, the year of the pig gives way to that of an unfortunate mouse.
Despite the preparations for the celebrations in great pomp that are customary in China, this year the year of the mouse is not celebrated as it should be.
This is due to the phenomenon of the coronavirus, on whose origin scientists are questioning and whose diffusion raises deep concern around the entire world.

Maybe it's all the fault of Peppa Pig, 216cm tall, to remember that the 216-digits matrix is like a virus among us.

With many Chinese cities in quarantine, people will certainly be able to watch some cartoon from this successful British series to lift their mood, but wondering the sense of an unbridled consumerism that threatens the world.

Alternatively, Last Day Party invites you to take an active part to Defeat Coronavirus.

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were the first to teach that to be important to others has value only if you cultivate wisdom and justice for yourself. 

Understanding this truth of ethics can help to calm the frenzy that surrounds our personal importance. 

The new information technologies came into play just when we felt most needed: the kleos (or the Klout) is now available to everyone. But we must remember to be righteous and wise for ourselves.

Very often the media defend the powers that have dominated the world so far. But through Last Day Party this system has its days numbered and the collective intelligence that I manage as a system administrator will prevail. 

I trust the international journalism in promoting the values ​​that inspire my community and adhering to the goal of defending the truth with the wisdom that characterizes the noble and strong souls who populated and continue to populate this world.
Today Christianity celebrates the solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, which recalls the moment in which in the small village of Nazareth, the angel Gabriel brings to Mary the announcement of her forthcoming motherhood, according to what is told in the Gospel of Luke.

The day is particularly significant also because just a year ago the Palm Sunday was celebrated throughout the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox world, as the beginning of the Holy Week, remembering Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem two thousand years ago.

All ages have had their own Guides: Prophets, wise Kings, the Messiah, inspired Leaders, Conquerors of crowds and territories, Popes. We are all Children of the same God, but whoever leads our Life is a chosen Divinity.

For this reason, who will lead us in the third millennium must be someone chosen by God to realize his mission for Humanity until the Event Horizon, someone who will speak a language shared by every religion on Earth, someone who has a vision from the height of global political Horizons, someone for whose coming there are inescapable signs in numbers and biblical prophecies.

If it is true that Jews believe that the advent of their Messiah is imminent, for Christians and Muslims the Messiah will return to Earth before the end of time.

A man could enter the Third Temple of Jerusalem, triumphant more than before, and be hailed as the Lord who was expected by all cultures in the world.

Last Day Party also aims to help his identification in the crowd and announces that it will soon launch the Third Temple campaign with the Temple Institute of Jerusalem, aimed at building the Temple that will rise in the spiritual capital of the three great monotheistic religions of the world, as prophesied in the Holy Scriptures, to bring lasting peace to Jerusalem and in the whole world before the end of Real Time which decrees the entry of humanity into Imaginary Time.

Rousseau is the name of the digital platform implemented by Gianroberto and Davide Casaleggio for the 5-Star Movement, the first party in the last Italian parliamentary elections of 4 March 2018.

LastDayParty wants to compare its digital platform and its organization with Rousseau, as "operating system" of the 5-Star Movement fundamentally because:
• Culturally speaking, Italy, where both Last Day Party and the 5 Star Movement are headquartered, is the most influential country in the world according to the 2019 index of Us News & World Report.
• We can demonstrate that the philosophical and political aspects of information management and democracy related to Rousseau and the 5 Star Movement are wrong and obsolete.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Geneva, 28 June 1712 - Ermenonville, 2 July 1778) was a Swiss philosopher, writer and musician.
Born of a humble Calvinist family of French origin, he had a difficult and wandering youth during which he converted to Catholicism, to then return to Calvinism and finally to deism.
His first important philosophical text, the Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts, won the Dijon Academy Award in 1750 and marked the beginning of his fortune.
From the first Discours the salient features of Rousseau's philosophy already emerged: a harsh criticism of civilization as the cause of all the evils and unhappiness of human life, with the corresponding praise of nature as depositary of all positive and good qualities. These themes would have been further developed by the Discourse on the origin and foundations of inequality between men of 1754: from this second Discours emerged Rousseau's conception of man and the state of nature, his idea of ​​the origin of language, of property, of society and the State. Another text, the Social Contract of 1762, contained Rousseau's political proposal for the re-foundation of society on the basis of a fair and constitutive pact of the people as a sovereign body, only holder of the legislative power and subject of itself. These and his other writings, especially the Émile, on pedagogy, were condemned and helped to isolate Rousseau with respect to the cultural environment of its time. His relations with all his contemporary Enlightenment intellectuals, as well as with the institutions of the Republic of Geneva, ended up deteriorating due to misunderstandings, suspicions and quarrels, and Rousseau died in almost complete isolation.
Considered in some ways an Enlightenment representant, and yet in radical countertendency to the dominant current of thought in his century, Rousseau had important influences in determining certain aspects of the egalitarian and anti-absolutist ideology that was at the basis of the French Revolution of 1789. He anticipated also many of the elements that, between the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century, would have characterized Romanticism, and profoundly marked all subsequent political, sociological, moral, psychological and pedagogical reflection. Some elements of his ethical vision had been taken up in particular by Immanuel Kant.
Rousseau's ideas had a European and world resonance, such as to inspire the future constitutions of the United States and the French Revolution.
Rousseau's body lies in the necropolis of the Pantheon in Paris alongside that of the philosopher François-Marie Arouet, better known as Voltaire.

Here are the reasons why Last Day Party beats Rousseau and the 5 Star Movement for 5 to 0:

1. Values:
The historical period we are experiencing, made up of institutional crises, unequal sharing of wealth, an unhappy middle class, recurrent revolts, the demagogues who promise to put an end to the "old world", evokes that of Rome in the first century BC. In this context, the advent of an authoritarian power of state reform was considered desirable. If Last Day Party proposes a solution aligned with this trend, for example by contemplating a napoleonic solution, the 5 Star Movement shares Rousseau's philosophy that the people are sovereign. Rousseau died poor and isolated because his ideas were not considered enlightened by the people of his time. His philosophy was re-evaluated only because it inspired the French Revolution. But our analysis and the global geopolitical situation show that Rousseau's theories are fallacious. In him and in those who are inspired by him there is absolutely nothing illuminated because the people are sovereign of the revolutions but the history is made by great men like Leonardo Da Vinci or Napoleon Bonaparte. In fact, the historical foundations and values of our culture are antithetical to those of Rousseau. After Genesis, during the Universal Flood, Noah was the lifeline of humanity. Moses freed the Jewish people from the slavery of Egypt and gave humanity the Tables of the Law, better known as the 10 Commandments. The Advent and the Passion of Jesus Christ have changed history also determining the Anno Domini count on which the conventional measure of time is based. The New Testament ends with the book of the Apocalypse, which associates the figure of the Antichrist with the symbol 666, for which the product of the 3 digits gives the value of 216, which symbolizes the 216-digits matrix that determines the theoretical foundations according to which humanity will enter in the Imaginary Time theorized by Einstein a century ago on the horizon of 2028AD. The Man of the Apocalypse has created Last Day Party in order to accompany humanity in this historical phase.

2. Leadership: 
At the aphex of Last Day Party there is The Man of the Apocalypse, an international figure, almost unknown to the general public, but endowed with great intellectual abilities. He demonstrated his abilities and his vision in the field, with a huge professional experience in the field of strategy, operational performance, innovation, game theory and information theory, and has managed many important and complexes projects, reaching great professional results. He embodies the role of System Administrator of LastDayParty with a futuristic orientation, leveraging the collective intelligence management. At the top of the 5 Star Movement there is Beppe Grillo, a comedian well known to the great Italian public, with professional experiences limited to the show, which embodies the role of Guarantor, with a contestation orientation with respect to the old system.

3. Objectives: 
Last Day Party aims at super-democracy for a change on a global scale, promoting the adoption of the best ideas and practices through a mechanism that overcomes the limits of direct democracy and representative democracy, in the sense that the evaluation process and approval of the ideas within LastDayParty can be integrated in the governmental and administrative processes without LastDayParty being a political party. The 5 Star Movement, through Rousseau, uses instead direct democracy for the choice of ideas and representatives, to then paradoxically enter the system of representative democracy without Rousseau. In this context, while Last Day Party presents itself as an NGO that offers governments and administrations a tool to manage change and innovation openly to all political parties for a great public debate, and to all economic subjects relying on collective intelligence, Rousseau is a tool available only to the 5 Star Movement because it is politicized. The slogan of LastDayParty is Your Ideas, Our Future, while that of the 5 Star Movement is Participate, Choose, Change.

4. Features:
In the brainstorming process of the ideas by its members, Last Day Party uses the voting system according to a 5-star scale, which is also used in the evaluation system of the best ideas within the score cards, involving the members of a multidisciplinary Jury to express an evaluation regarding differentiated criteria such as ethics, economics, sustainability or technical feasibility of each ideas. The evaluations are collected and processed by an algorithm that provides synthetic values, in order to make intelligent, scientific and fair choices. The ideas submitted to Last Day Party follow a structured workflow that is extended and integrated also with the Project Management, in order to avoid mistakes in the implementation process, responsabilize members with precise tasks, respecting times and budgets. On the other side, the 5 Star Movement uses the 5 stars in its name as a political slogan, but the operation of Rousseau is effective only to collect binary preferences on the choices of candidates or political ideas, as in a normal Blog, but it has nothing to do with the Collective Intelligence.

5. Technology: 
Last Day Party is a digital platform at the cutting edge of technology, with a multilingual integration and a responsive design interface. It uses the information technology powered by its Israeli partner Qmarkets which, according to research by InfoTech, Gartner and Forrester, represents the most advanced and secure collective intelligence management solution on the global market. It has already proved its effectiveness in leading organizations around the world, while Rousseau has been developed by some Italian computer scientists with a technology that can be attacked from an IT point of view, with practices of information management at an embryonic and experimental state.

Last Day Party was imagined in the mind of its founder 9 years ago, and was officially launched 9 months ago with the aim of becoming a decisive organization to redesign global socio-political structures and promote innovation in a time horizon of 9 years.
Its growth is slow but structural and organic and will probably become soon an exponential organization on a planetary scale, available to an elitist minority made up of experts, specialist, technicians and by serious and honest political figures.
The 5 Star Movement, at the opposite, is a popular political organization that relies on populism, which has already reached its maximum consensus and is in a process of decline, because the distribution of political power to its members in the public administration and in the Italian Government has become proved fallacious, as described in the official analysis on the decline of the 5 Star Movement in the Italian government.

Some members of the 5 Star Movement are turning to Last Day Party, to provoke a confrontation on the theme of success. The public response of Last Day Party to the 5 Star Movement has been peremptory:

"If by success you mean:

i. Be the first party in Italy for a few months due to the fact that populist privileges have been proposed and granted but without having a clear understanding and a vision of the future;
ii. Making a governmental alliance with a party that shares almost none of the political orientations for which its exponents have been elected;
iii. Bring common citizens to the government, most of whom have never been experiences in the political sphere, much less a successful past at a professional level, to earn a bone-less salary that does not allow them to have a dignified lifestyle;
iv. Contribute to anarchism in Europe by granting the digital platform that constitutes its operating system to the Gilet Jaunes movement, which also consists of Black Bloc and terrorists, to vote the exponents to whom they will entrust their representative power.

Then LastDayParty understands the frustration of the 5 Star Movement leaders."

The success of Last Day Party in the medium and long term will not be limited by the provocations of some exponent of the 5 Star Movement nor by the initial indifference of the popular mass, which is currently unaware of the existence of its digital platform and its organization, nor by the reticence of the media to communicate on the mission, objectives, campaigns and ideas of the World's more advanced Collective Intelligence platform to their public.

The members and sympathizers of the 5 Star Movement will probably continue to waste their time making propaganda for its political representatives on Facebook by serving a fundamentally wrong model.
The challenge of Last Day Party is ideological, not political and institutional, as Last Day Party do not aspire to have its members elected by the people to make them sit on parliaments, regions, provinces or municipalities.
If the 5 Star Movement wants to challenge LastDayParty on an ideological level, its leaders, including Beppe Grillo and Luigi Di Maio, as well as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, are invited to participate in the challenges of the Third Millennium on the LastDayParty Social Network, together with economists, sociologists and international political leaders for a great public debate, in a scientific, collaborative and fair way, aimed at achieving the best for humanity and future generations.
The 5 Star Movement pursue power without authority legitimately given from above, but exploiting a false democracy through the ignorance of a people that follows fashions destined to explode like soap bubbles. This is not successful at all, because it is an usurpation of power, as ephemeral as the present.

You have read the truth about the main philosophical, human, organizational, functional and technical arguments that explain the reason why Last Day Party is superior to Rousseau and the 5 Star Movement, representing the best solution to accompany the change in Italy and in the rest of the world, so that those who have merits can see a new dawn in politics.

Are you ready for the best?
Your Ideas | Our future
On the occasion of π Day I invite you to understand that the epochal period we are experiencing needs your involvement to make the world evolve towards something better and right. π represents the universal law that links the human being to the time and space in which he lives. This is why today is a special day.

Last Day Party is the social network of collective intelligence aimed at innovation and super-democracy, which I launched about 9 months ago and which I designed 9 years ago in the City of Lights. The goal is to receive your involvement in the challenges of the third millennium to realize the best ideas that can be financed by Last Day Party and its partners, define and spread the best projects and best practices in every field of knowledge in the world, and rewarding the participants for the contribution offered to the community.

On Last Day Party there are already 36 active campaigns, all of public interest and which can directly involve you as a citizen of the world, but also companies, non-governmental organizations, public administration and governments. There are certainly some campaigns in response to which you can leverage your skills to offer your contribution, giving valuable added value to the Last Day Party community, thus competing to be rewarded or funded.

In the near future many other campaigns will be launched on Last Day Party, and you have the opportunity to suggest the challenges that you think are most important and current and that can be transformed into official campaigns that you can co-manage as part of a partnership between you and Last Day Party.

Interaction with the Last Day Party community, both in reading and writing, can be done in your language, just select the one you prefer from the menu on the top right, and you can share your content in your language to be read in all languages ​​and all over the world.

I invite you to evaluate the free opportunity, without any cost and without advertising, to sign up for Last Day Party. If you have any uncertainty, difficulty or have any questions about its operation and its principles, I invite you to consult the Help, through the How it Works and FAQ sections.

I thank you for your attention and hope to have the privilege to receive you soon as an active member of Last Day Party.

Are you ready for the best?
Last Day Party
Your Ideas | Our Future
Last Day Party is the Social Network built around your ideas
Last Day Party leverages Collective Intelligence to accompany the evolution of humanity through Innovation and the management of a new form of Democracy.
Last Day Party addresses the fundamental themes of this beginning of the third millennium to promote innovation, best practices, rules and ideas, in every field of knowledge.
The topics of interest may concern our Values and our Mission, Philosophy and Religion, Politics and Sociology, Economics and Finance, Law and Justice, Science and Technology, Environment and Space, Education and Training, Citizen Engagement and Solidarity, Work and Business.
You can act as an individual or representative of an organization (government, public administration, political party, company, university, research institute, media, etc.).
Through Last Day Party you can have many advantages, adhering to the principles and contributing to the achievement of community goals.

You act as an individual:
As a scientist, researcher, journalist, manager, entrepreneur, professional, student or whatever your social role is, through Last Day Party you can participate in the challenges of the third millennium and contribute with your ideas, your analyzes, your projects and your theories to make humanity evolve towards something better.

Here is what you need to do, with what purposes and what are the benefits you can have:

1. Join Last Day Party, under the terms and conditions of use established in the Membership Agreement, by completing the Sign Up. It's free and you have no obligation, except to comply with the ethical rules of social behavior of the community. The registration process takes 5 minutes and is required to allow the system to present you with relevant information. In particular, you are to provide a full name, your Native Country, your self-assessment of your Skills and what you need to be a Profile in terms of prevailing social role.

2. After joining Last Day Party you can participate in public campaigns as well as the confidential ones that have been reserved for you. Every campaign on Last Day Party has its own rules and specific objectives. You are therefore invited to read the information in the Campaign Overview of the campaign of your interest before submitting your idea.

3. Submit your best ideas in response to the chosen campaigns in which you can give more added value. During the submission process of the idea, the system will show you the existence of ideas similar to yours, in order to avoid duplication of ideas and increase your awareness of the state of the art. You are invited to provide relevant and comprehensive information by filling all the fields available. The process is completed in two phases. In the first the idea will be saved as a draft that you can edit, while in the second the idea will be published permanently. You can submit your idea in a confidential and sometimes anonymous way. If the idea is published as confidential it can be seen only by the campaign administrator. If the idea you published was not confidential, it could be read, voted and commented by the members of Last Day Party through an intelligent and collaborative brainstorming aimed at improving the idea and bringing out the best ideas. You can subscribe to specific campaigns or ideas to receive email notifications if new ideas or new comments are posted, to which you may be interested.

4. Your idea will then follow a specific workflow designed to select, implement and reward the best ideas. This workflow starts from the submission, passes through the brainstorming, the initial review, the eventual request for clarification, the expertise, the evaluation by a Jury, the approval and, if it requires a further effort to be realized, the project management.

5. The process of Gamification of Last Day Party allows you to earn points for every action you do or receive in interaction with the community. For example, you accumulate points when you submit an idea and when your idea is approved, or when you make or receive votes and comments. In the future these points can be converted into prizes, money or vouchers according to the gamification policy that will be communicated by Last Day Party following the achievement of its public objectives, however within a limited time horizon.

6. In addition to the generic Gamification process of Last Day Party, each campaign has specific objectives that can allow you to achieve your specific goals, in terms of awarding, recognition, remuneration, or professional recruitment.

You represent an organization:
With Last Day Party you have the opportunity to diversify your social presence on the Internet by proposing a Challenge, sponsoring and managing a campaign with global visibility or targeting a specific group of people, within the framework of an ad-hoc Partnership Agreement.

This allows you to:

1. Increase the visibility of your actions and your innovation campaigns, taking advantage of both Last Day Party users, made up of visitors as well as registered members, and your own collaborators, members, customers or partners.

2. Collect ideas and projects in response to the campaign you manage on Last Day Party, and which you have previously defined in terms of Challenge, effectively through a complete submission form, customized to your needs.

3. Make the community interact in the brainstorming process with votes and comments in order to bring out the best ideas.

4. Allow social sharing of your campaign, as well as ideas, on the main platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to increase public interest in your campaign.

5. Manage the workflow of ideas and projects in an effective and structured way based on your decision-making and organizational processes.

6. Evaluate ideas and projects in a fair and scientific way on the basis of a score card of which you can choose the criteria as well as their relative weight, and managed by a synthesis algorithm that allows you to identify and select the best ideas through a Jury composed of selected members in the framework of a Virtual Review Committee.

7. Structuring and managing the implementation of ideas with the selected members using the project management tool integrated with Last Day Party in order to manage resources, time and costs of implementation effectively.

8. Measure and manage information with a complete statistical analysis and reporting system.

9. Manage economic resources for the implementation of the best ideas of your campaign, which can be distributed to the members who have submitted them, in the form of prizes or to finance the project activities or to allow the participating members to be remunerated through work.

The facilities offered:

1. Last Day Party is a multilingual platform that allows you to interact in the language of your choice. It's enough that you select it in the menu at the top right and all the contents will be presented in your language.

2. Last Day Party is a responsive design platform that adapts to the ergonomics of smartphones, tablets and personal computers in an optimal and ergonomic way.

3. The Last Day Party Launcher, for Android and iOS systems, will soon be available for download from the Play Store and Apple Store, allowing you to install the icon that launches Last Day Party on your browser on your desktop. The App will be free of charges.

4. Last Day Party uses intelligent alerts and notifications. The system offers you the possibility to subscribe to the campaigns and ideas you are most interested in. You will receive notifications when new content is published by other members, when their idea will change status along the workflow or when a manager campaign will assign you an activity to be performed. The system illuminates the To Do icon in the main menu to report a pending notification as well as send you a remainder via email.

5. Last Day Party is developed with state-of-the-art technology according to the highest standards of computer and network security, to offer you the highest level of user experience.

Last Day Party allows you to diversify your presence on social networks and portals with a tool at the cutting edge of technology, developed according to the most innovative paradigms in terms of features, workflow and ergonomics, and the strictest standards in terms of security, allowing you to have a direct control of your ideas and contributions to the fields in which you are an expert in order to valorize them.
It provides visibility and global interaction, including with leading figures from other countries, for a great, intelligent, fair and scientific public debate on managing the challenges of the third millennium.
We invite you right now to access and stimulate public debate through your best ideas, in response to the challenges presented by Last Day Party. 
Hoping that the opportunity we offer you meets your needs, we wait you on Last Day Party.

Are you ready for the best?
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Throughout the globe the political system is functioning according to old paradigms. The political leaders of democratic countries in fact exploit the flaws of the system in place to receive the votes of citizens, whether they are political, administrative or referendum elections, according to patterns that fall into populism. Political leaders who possess the best dialectics and the best charisma have the opportunity to earn more votes, but this does not imply that they are capable, wise and honest. Once elected, they are not often able to act consistently with their program or in the interest of their Country and future generations. Outgoing governments are in most cases disadvantaged in the new elections because they are criticized on the facts, unlike political oppositions, which suddenly become more credible. Political programs in the paper are all beautiful, but the feasibility and sustainability of a program can not be judged by ordinary citizens, who will choose those who promise them more advantages in the short term. Citizens' preferences on certain referendum proposals, candidates or political parties are likely to change faster than the implementation time of the guidelines by the governments. Political power and corruption often go hand in hand, just as the honesty of the forces in the field declines in front of the personal interests or the forcing of the lobbies to which they serve, without any fidelity to the values ​​that in theory should permeate their choices for the common good. LastDayParty leverages Collective Intelligence to avoid Politics to be victim of the ignorant populism. Collective Intelligence is shared of group intelligence that emerges from collaboration, collective efforts, and competitions of many individuals and appears in consensus decision making. By submitting your ideas to the Last Day Party campaigns, our community allows to resolve the contradictions of the worn-out system in which the majority of people are disappointed, so that each choice can be assessed with the knowledge of all the intelligences that populate this world, and the generations of this third millennium, who have merit, can see a new dawn.

Last Day Party
Your Ideas | Our Future

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 In the functional and operational comparison between Facebook, the most used social network in the world, and Last Day Party, the new idea management platform, we can find the following similarities and differences:

1. Subscription: both social networks allow a free subscription to their platform. The acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Facebook service determines the fact that the information and files shared through this social network become the property of Facebook itself and do not give the right to any kind of recognition to the user. On Last Day Party, on the other hand, the shared information is made available to the community in a broader sense, to Last Day Party and its partners, who can recognize the intellectual property of an idea, which can also be financed or give the right to a reward. While on Facebook the profile checks take place only during the process of sharing information, on Last Day Party the profiles are verified at the time of registration to avoid the proliferation of false profiles.

2. Profiling: both social networks use cookies, but with different methods and purposes. On Facebook, every action performed by a user, essentially in the form of subscription to the pages, allows the social network to establish what the user's preferences are in order to propose a sponsored content. On Last Day Party, on the other hand, the user is invited to outline himself with a few essential information during the registration phase in order to allow the system to present him with a content appropriate to his profile, targeting it in a preventive manner.

3. Participation: in both social networks participation is free and unlimited. Facebook offers a system that allows users to manage a personal profile, a group of users or a theme page. The information submitted is cascaded in chronological order and the system does not allow to highlight similar contents. On Last Day Party, on the other hand, information is collected on the basis of theme campaigns that allow each member to express himself pertinently on a specific subject in response to which he can contribute. The information is analyzed by a semantic algorithm that allows the association between similar ideas. While on Facebook participation can take place in a public or confidential manner, on Last Day Party, in addition to these modes, the user can also share the content anonymously. As for search engines, Facebook provides results on a single level, while on Last Day Party ideas are presented on the basis of their maturity in the workflow of implementation. The notifications on Facebook essentially concern the likes and comments received by the user, while on Last Day Party mainly concern the activities that the user is invited to play in his and the community's interests.

4. Mediation: while on Facebook the contents are managed only by the user, with the possibility of modifying them indefinitely and without mediation, posing a problem of fake news and information of poor quality, the best practices of Last Day Party determine the fact that information submitted by a user is mediated and can only be changed by campaign administrators, who may eventually ask the author for clarifications in order to prioritize the quality of the information and determine its intellectual property.

5. Purpose: the information shared by a user on Facebook is essentially aimed at their dissemination, they are essentially viewed by friends and can be sponsored to increase their popularity. Last Day Party has the aim to promote and implement the best ideas, whether they are popular or not, through a scientific workflow that consists in the submission of the idea, the collaboration with the community members, the evaluation by the experts and by a jury and implementation through project management.

6. Model: Facebook is a for-profit organization that applies an advertising model exploiting the interaction of its users with published content. Last Day Party is a non-governmental organization aimed at progress, which rewards the best members, finances the best ideas and allows its partners to launch sponsored campaigns open to the public in the same operating procedures and subject to the same ethics. Last Day Party offers its partners a particularly effective and structured reporting system. Popularity in terms of number of friends, number of subscribers to a page or number of like is a discriminating factor on Facebook, as the number of points accumulated for sharing quality information, is one of the motivational factors of the members of Last Day Party.

Conclusions: Facebook and Last Day Party are not competing but complementary services. The Last Day Party information can be shared on Facebook, therefore, if it is true that a user has more advantages to share its contents on Last Day Party, their promotion to the general public can be managed through Facebook.
On the other hand, as regards institutional partners and organizations that use Last Day Party, they have the advantage of integrating a top-down approach with a bottom-up approach, which allows the collection of ideas on the basis of structured forms within a scientific and finalized workflow, in a context in which the collaboration between members and the quality of information holds the first place on the scale of values.

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Leveraging Collective Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, Last Day Party adopts a scientific and fair approach to the provision of microcredit to companies and entrepreneurial ideas, thanks to constantly growing strategic alliances with banks and affiliated funds.
The Last Day Party initiative is aimed at economic and social development in all areas of the world, not just in underdeveloped ones or those with sustainable growth potential.
The microcredit managed by Last Day Party is intended for the economic sectors of handicrafts, commerce, services or technology and consists of a secured loan whose amount, interest rate and repayment period in installments depends on the sector of activity and the geographical area of ​​belonging.
The most privileged conditions Last Day Party and its financial partners offer, cover a loan of 42 thousand euros repayable in 9 years with a 6% APR.
To effectively process your application, please register for Last Day Party and access The Microcredit for Your Business campaign.
 We identify the roles in which the members of Last Day Party fall within the collaborative innovation ecosystems of our community in the following five archetypes. All of them are necessary components in the process of creating value for Last Day Party and its partners. We embrace the individual people who come together to constitute the “wisdom of the crowd". No matter if we stipulate these roles artificially or let them happen naturally, they are all essential and wanted in our community.

The Instigator:
Much of the time, the Instigator can seem standoffish, as though he isn’t actively engaged in the Last Day Party capaigns. He may not submit many comments or vote on many ideas, but below the surface he is often very busy. This personality type tends to spend a lot of time internally interrogating ideas, and then suddenly, he will submit an idea so groundbreaking that the entire organization will be buzzed. The instigator is a crucial participant. Even when his ideas are a bit too disruptive, they nurture positive activity in our community by encouraging activity and discussion.

The Debater:
This user can sometimes become demonized within our community, and with good reason. In fact he doesn’t pull any punches and will be completely honest if he doesn’t like an idea. However we all know that adversity is the key to development, and no single user provides more adversity than the debater. Every time he plays devil advocate it either improves an idea, or proves why it shouldn’t be taken forward. The Debater is very interested on commenting, so Last Day Party facilitates his debates through responsive social functions and automated notifications. Through a culture of transparency within our community, this kind of participant will never feel rejected and his valuable contribution will be gained profitability by Last Day Party and its partners managing the innovation campaign.

The Voter:
Crowdvoting is an essential element of Last Day Party as it relys on the wisdom of the crowd to identify valuable ideas from the initial pool of submissions. The Voter personality might not contribute many ideas or comments, but their silent judgement often creates a foundation upon which the whole innovation initiative of the community rests. Last Day Party has chosen a crowdsourcing solution through the five stars or the thumbs up and down, to get the most out of this participant. Some advanced options which will be included into our social network is token voting, the idea tournaments (pairwise methodology), or even idea investment (prediction markets) which acts as a virtual stock market. To really engage the voter, we recognize and reward his participation inside our gamification method allowing him to gain points for each vote done.

The Dreamer:
The Dreamer love to submit ideas on a regular basis, but his ideas can sometimes be somewhat unrealistic. However, as the old saying goes “aim for the stars and land on the moon”, sometimes this ambitious user can give to the others more conservative users the inspiration to at least set their sights on the moon. When the Dreamer suggests unrealistic or ultra-ambitious ideas, first action we do is to check the phrasing of our challenge which we are posing to our community. If this is not the issue, then we pair this user with a more pragmatic user and see if this improves results. In this sense, Last Day Party encourages the formation of multidisciplinary ideation teams. Due to the fact that the ones who really change the world are those who dare to dream, the misfits, having a Dreamer in one campaign, or several of them in our community, can catapult us towards the disruptive innovation which we all dream of.

The Perfectionist:
While there are some users within Last Day Party which submit one-sentence ideas with very little elaboration, the Perfectionist does the complete opposite and submits ideas which seem to go on forever. Theoretically this should not be a problem, but in certain cases there is an undeniable case of “Too Much Information”, making it very difficult for regular end-users to digest the content. However we want their insights and attention to details to be part of the idea development. The Perfectionist may have excellent ideas, but his fear of criticism drives him to overthink things. To combat this Last Day Party has created a collaborative environment and a set of guidelines for idea submission inspired to design thinking, where creativity is valued unequivocally and participation is always recognized.
 The origin of the name Last Day Party plays on the ambiguity of the word Party, which means festive event, but which also refers to the political party, beyond that the philosophical and religious significance of the Last Day.

Starting from the latter concept, according to the Roman philosopher and statesman Lucius Annaeus Seneca (c.4 BC - AD 65), also known simply as Seneca (/ sɛnɪkə /), "The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity ".
Through his work Naturales Quaestiones on the physical world and numerous writings on ethics, he was one of the predominant exponents of Stoicism, a philosophy of personal ethics informed by its system of logic and its views on the natural world.

Contextualizing human behavior in relation to the evolution of time, he has therefore inspired Last Day Party in the mission that each member of its community should have, that is, simply to give every day the best of ourselves for our own good and that of humanity.

On the other hand, the scriptures also prophesy a Last Day linked to the concept of Apocalypse versus that of Genesis, which the scientific organization 216-digits has placed in the year 2028AD, through the study of its matrix and its equation of time, defining the end of real time and the entrance of imaginary time, theorized by Albert Einstein, for that year.

For this reason, the Last Day Party mission is to allow humanity to prepare entry into imaginary time, as if it were a political party representative of the community members, through the challenges launched by The Man of the Apocalypse at its head, and the partners of the non-governmental organization. In this sense, Last Day Partry is a deal with God, through which the parties are united by the interest to guarantee a change for humanity, aimed at improvement in areas related to social ethics, science and technology, government and public administration, the academic world in its interaction with the world of work, or economy and finance, in a cycle that every day until the last should see everyone involved as if it were the last.

And in the end, for some people, it will be a party, called Last Day Party, which also gives the name to a series of events at the end of each campaign, with the awarding of the members whose ideas have been successfully implemented.

Finally, the Last Day Party logo represents the stylization of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, which is the theme of the introduction of the autobiographical novel The Man of the Apocalypse by Massimo Nardotto, founder and CEO of Last Day Party.

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Last Day Party
Your Ideas | Our Future
In the past it took twenty years to create a billion-dollar business. Groupon did it in eighteen months. What we have before us is a new type of company: "exponential organizations", which pulverize growth times through technologies, reducing costs exponentially. If performance in the business is the main key to evaluation, in recent years these emerging realities have upset the usual parameters. They do not buy assets, but they leverage the ideas and initiatives of the communities that support them. They are innovators and change the rules, both internally and externally, revolutionizing entire markets. We want to be part of it with you, integrating the content of the participants and members of the Last Day Party community, by defining the best world practices to make your and our start-up, or innovative company, an exponential organization. The transformation we are experiencing involves all the fields, characterizing the most extraordinary era in which to do business. The turning point is epochal, compared by scholars to a "new Cambrian explosion", which requires thinking big, foreshadowing a world in which the fundamental question becomes that suggested by Larry Page: "Are you working on something that can change the world? “
Let's define together the best management practices, through ideas and examples, to make your and our start-up or innovative company an exponential organization through the new campaign of Last Day Party. Click Exponential Organization! in order to see the ideas of the other members of our community and participate.

Creative and passionate of ambitious challenges, Massimo Nardotto, publicly known as The Man of the Apocalypse, constantly cultivated a dream for the future, in which he is the architect of a change, global, fundamental and without return.
He worked as a manager, consultant or entrepreneur in several industries, in search of a truth contained in the numbers, the conscience of mankind and the social behaviour, to create new models and innovative solutions.
Like Max, the protagonist of the film π by Darren Aronofsky (1998), in 2004 he discovered a 216-digits matrix, that opened to him suddenly the consciousness to a new mode of interpreting things.
From the deciphering of his matrix, he discovered that in 2028AD humanity will enter the so-called Innaginary Time.
Today he believe in two things: his Truth and the Collective Intelligence, for the management of which he created LastDayParty.
If you want to find out more about him, watch the video of his 45th birthday party by clicking here.
We are facing a global situation characterized by a deep and structural crisis of the sociopolitical systems. It's a time of great confusion and suffering for most people, due to the disagreement about the decisions of the political management class. The current state of global affairs determines a gradual increase of complexity, within a framework where political divisions still correspond to geographical areas and political parties. Faced with such inertia, tensions appear between society and politics, between countries and between the various social classes, because leaders are ill-prepared to find solutions and new recipes to change directions together. A change is needed as regards some of the paradoxes that characterize the way mankind gives itself rules, in a more and more globalized economic and social context. However, for society to evolve it is important to implement a new control, which must deal with the knowledge of causes and wisdom, before the success of one is achieved to the detriment of the other. The new approach should contribute to a better handling of the risks and opportunities linked to the evolution of every individual, this evolution being the essential component of a multiform social cell that is in harmony with its own environment. It is now time to halt the cycles of growth and decline and to mention a timeless watchword: “let’s evolve together, for each one of us to achieve their own potential”. Such is the assignment of Last Day Party, a Non-Governmental Organization created to address the current crisis in response to the changes that are affecting the world at the beginning of the third millennium.

Last Day Party has three main goals:

1. Helpfully influence the public debate by bringing pragmatic and original ideas. The public debate in the world all too often remains confiscated by the political parties and the administration, leaving the civil society aside as it is rarely considered as a negotiator in itself. Convinced that the civil society’s stakeholders have the necessary resources to bring pragmatic and original answers, we have decided to lean on them when creating this open and impartial area for reflection. By gathering people from the most various backgrounds and experience, Last Day Party contributes to promoting a reflection freed from any political, economic or cultural bias. We make our suggestions independently, relying on personal research, but also by getting inspiration from relevant local examples.
2. Contribute to global social cohesion through a dialogue with the general public. Last Day Party offers public arenas open to everyone’s contribution, be they natural persons or legal entities, which want to safeguard the most important heritage Earth has ever had, namely knowledge. Last Day Party is a social network, that give everyone the right to freely express themselves on topics such as economic, social and environmental policies, as well as on current affairs concerning the people and the parties that lead us. Last Day Party is preparing the ground for changes, where they are needed, as if it were doomsday.
3. Help to define local public policies in order to improve the global economic and social environment. Every idea generated by Last Day Party is represented by a world expert who synthesizes the content of his thought and research through a slogan adapted to discussion and reflection, a description of the thought that motivates his idea, and an analysis of the existing problem and the possible solution. Every expert has authority to present and support the local implementation of the political indications as defined by his research, while speaking to governments in the framework of a new world order.

Therefore, we are actively promoting the results of our ideation process and trying to have decision-makers endorse the political, strategic and operational recommendations that conclude the workflow of the best ideas. In every area of competence, Last Day Party’s decision-making process is decentralized over its campaigns managers. That is the reason why they have steady relationships with the authorities. The platform concretely allows the execution of a Democracy 2.0 system through an Open Innovation Network, with the aim to

i. Promote globally the constitutive campaigns of Last Day Party, asking to people for their idea contributing to the humanity evolution.
ii. Allow to the local administration to interact with citizens also city by city through local campaigns.
iii. Allow to the private organizations to launch their own challenges of open innovation.

Everyone is welcome to join LastDayParty.
Your Ideas | Our Future

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