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For fans of numbers and cabal, February 2, 2020 represents a very rare event that unites the whole world, because the date can be read in the same way both from the right and from the left in any way the day, month and year are arranged.

The dating system used by humanity is that of the year Anno Domini, which is based on the birth of Jesus Christ. It is conventionally used in all countries of the world. In the United States and Canada, the representation format is month / day / year, while in the rest of the world it is day / month / year.

Today is an event that unites all humanity and also represents a link between Judaism and Christianity.

In the Christian world, in fact, the date falls on the day of Candlemas, the so-called "feast of light", in honor of Jesus Christ "light of the world", the day on which for centuries it has been customary to bless candles. Its origin is linked to the presentation in the Temple of Jesus, that is, its first official public release. Even today, this is a mandatory event for all male firstborn children born to Jews.

To find another ambivalent palindrome it is necessary to go back to 11 November 1111 in the Middle Ages (11.11.1111), when the "American" date obviously did not exist, while the next one will be that of 12 December 2121 (12.12.2121) . This date is made up of only two digits, one and two repeating at regular intervals, as fascinating as that of the New Year of the 10s of the thousand century, a real binary code: 01.01.1010.

In this context, it is fundamental mentioning that according to 216-digits research, the evolution of our planet, that of life of men and women populating it, are associated with time within a non-linear dynamic, and are associated with the law π (x + y) (t-xy) = 69696, where π is considered to be the approximation computed by Archimedes from Syracuse for a 96-sided polygon, circumscribed to the circle, and 69696 is the largest palindrome number known by humanity to be at the same time square of a number and sum of two twin prime numbers.

This law of time indicates a numerical singularity in 2028AD, the year in which humanity will enter the so-called Imaginary Time.

For this reason, today is a singular day because hypothetically humanity will never again be able to share a world palindrome date in the Real Time.

This is therefore a special occasion for which Last Day Party invites you to participate in the following campaigns related to this event: The Third Temple, The Nature of Time, and Digital Philosophy.
Today we can greet the year of the pig with a lesson for everyone.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the year of the pig precedes that of the mouse.
This year, however, the year of the pig gives way to that of an unfortunate mouse.
Despite the preparations for the celebrations in great pomp that are customary in China, this year the year of the mouse is not celebrated as it should be.
This is due to the phenomenon of the coronavirus, on whose origin scientists are questioning and whose diffusion raises deep concern around the entire world.

Maybe it's all the fault of Peppa Pig, 216cm tall, to remember that the 216-digits matrix is like a virus among us.

With many Chinese cities in quarantine, people will certainly be able to watch some cartoon from this successful British series to lift their mood, but wondering the sense of an unbridled consumerism that threatens the world.

Alternatively, Last Day Party invites you to take an active part to defeat disease.