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What is a campaign?

A campaign is a specific question asked by an organization to facilitate innovation and collaboration from its members. It is usually targeted to a specific audience and is time-based.

What is an "idea"?

An idea is what you submit in response to a campaign. Usually, an idea is submitted to a campaign with a specific question.

In some cases, the system will be configured to allow "open" ideas to be submitted. These are ideas that are general in nature and not directed at a pre-configured campaign.

Who can access campaign ideas?

Ideas input in this system are meant to be shared. While some campaigns allow for confidential entries, most campaign entries are visible to participants. All ideas are visible to the campaign manager(s).

What is the Qmarkets story?

Inspired by the philosophy of “The wisdom of the crowds”, Qmarkets was founded in 2006, with the goal of developing a software that will help organizations exploit the collective opinion of a group of stakeholders for making better business decisions.

Today Qmarkets is the leading provider of collective intelligence solutions for enterprises from a wide range of business sectors. With offices in the US, Europe & Australia and with the R&D center in Israel, Qmarkets is the principal provider of idea management software with a true global footprint.
In addition to our idea management software, we offer a wide range of collective intelligence solutions, including CrowdVoting, collaborative process improvement, market research, prediction markets, disruptive innovation engine and live workshop software. Our suite of solutions enable organizations to collaborate with their stakeholders, while running an effective and efficient process.

As we continue to grow, we still strive to stay true to our core values and to work with each and every client on configuring a solution that will fit his exact needs and requirements. As always, we are 100% committed to all our clients and users that help us prove every day that the wisdom of the crowds can provide amazing business results.

Using the system
How do I participate in campaigns?

The campaign manager defines the audience that is to participate in any given campaign. If invited, you can access the campaign home from the email invitation sent by the campaign manager or click on the campaign link from the main screen. All campaigns that are visible are accessible by the account logged into the system.

Is some cases, you may have the option of participating in an open campaign. Some systems will provide an option for participants to enter ideas that fall outside of the scope of the campaigns that have a specific question set.

How do I submit an idea?

First you need to decide whether your idea is related to one of the currently open campaigns or is it a random idea.

For campaign ideas, first open the campaign, or use the SUBMIT IDEA button in the campaign carousel.
You can also submit an idea from the Active Campaign page, accesses through the Campaigns menu.

A random idea can be submitted directly from the homepage from the random ideas section below the carousel.

How do I comment on an idea?

When you select a campaign on the home page, all the ideas are displayed under it. Click on the title of the idea which you would like to comment on. Under the idea details you will see an option "Add new comment", simple write your comment and post it. you will be able to view a list of all the existing comments here.

How do ideas get processed?

Your idea(s), along with all other ideas entered, pass through an innovation workflow. Ideas are collected, discussed, evaluated and approved through a series of processes outlined below.

Step 1: Collection of ideas
The campaign manager presents the business challenge and participants submit ideas and solutions.

Step 2: Community discussion
Campaign participants comment on and rate ideas using a predefined voting method such as stars, thumbs up/down, tournament, etc.

Step 3: Idea selection 
The moderator and campaign manager(s) select top rated and other high profile ideas to advance them to the next stage.

Step 4: Evaluation
A review committee - defined by the campaign manager - evaluates each idea based on a set of pre-defined criteria and scoring weights. This process allows a defined scorecard that rates several metrics. While some ideas could be rejected at this phase, most move on to the next step.

Step 5: Final state
In their final state, ideas are either rejected or approved. Approved ideas move on to internal development or could be postponed for future action.

How do I search campaigns for ideas?

Simple searches can be made by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner, typing in the search string and hitting enter. This will find all ideas that contain the text string you entered. This keyword search looks at the entire record, including title, sub title and description and comments.

More advanced searches, where you can specify specific fields to search against, are available by using the filter in the Ideas page, accessible from the main menu.

Where can I find my submitted ideas?

Click on the "My Page" option in the main menu in order to view the ideas related to you. For other activities rely on the To Do bell next to the search option on top right main menu.

How do I know the status of my idea?

As ideas are processed, email notifications may be sent to you signaling change in status. You can also check status by clicking on "My Page" within the main menu, where all your ideas will be listed along with their status.

Where can I view my achievements such as accumulated points and badges?

Information about points, badges, and upcoming accomplishments are viewable in "My Profile" by clicking on your profile picture in the top righthand corner.

Tasks and roles
Why do I need to vote on an idea?

Voting is an essential part of this system. It forms the basis of capturing the collective opinion of the audience. By voting on an idea, the crowd provides a quantitative valuation that represents the popularity of the idea to the masses.

The campaign manager decides what voting tool to choose for their campaign. Voting options can include thumbs up, thumbs up/down, star rating, token voting and tournament voting.

Who can see the comments I post on an idea?

Comments submitted by the campaign audience are visible to the rest of the campaign audience.

What is an expert opinion?

A campaign manager may ask for an expert opinion when he/she doesn't feel knowledgeable enough to validate an idea. In those cases, the campaign manager will send the idea to a subject matter expert with a specific question/request for clarification.

How do I evaluate an idea?

As a member of the review committee, you are requested to evaluate ideas to help the campaign manager(s) decide the overall worth of the idea.
To assist in this process, you are emailed a link to the campaign/the idea when the evaluation period starts. The link is also available through your "To Do" page under "Ideas I need to evaluate". Once you click on the idea, open the “Rating” tab.
At this point, simply complete the evaluation and click "Complete Review".

How do I know if I have any tasks assigned to me?

All task assignments will dispatch an email to the assignee. The email will describe the task and provide a link to the idea.
Additionally, you can see all your tasks on the "To Do" page. Once you have a task a "bell" icon will appear on the righthand side of the top menu

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