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Platform for collective intelligence, idea management and open innovation.

Inspired by the wisdom of the crowds, Last Day Party and its partners manage the 3rd millennium campaigns by crowdsourcing ideas that are collected, discussed, evaluated and implemented. Each campaign has specific rules which also award the best members. Register now for Last Day Party, it's free and with your ideas you can help make the world a better place to live. Last Day Party: Your Ideas | Our Future.

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In the era of Social Networks, Lastdayparty wants to be the trait d'union between creatives, creators, analysts, researchers and problem solvers with those who manage organizations as managers (CEO, CINO, CMO in primis) be they companies, non-profit organizations or institutions.

To the first group of users we say:
“Join Lastdayparty for free. Discover the 3rd Millennium challenges. Submit your innovative ideas that solve them. Leveraging collective intelligence, they will become reality and you will be awarded. "

To the second group of users we suggest:
"Be the sponsor of one or more Lastdayparty campaigns to increase your visibility on your market, propose your challenge, manage an open innovation campaign on the 1st idea management platform, receive and implement the best ideas on your market".

Below we invite you to read the reasons why Lastdayparty is different from other social networks, expressing the identifying statement of the main ones:

• Facebook: Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.
• Instagram: A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family.
• Linkedin: Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.
• Twitter: From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary.

This is why we are proud to be able to say that Lastdayparty is built around your ideas to innovate and create the future together.
To seize the opportunity we offer you, we summarize below what are the possibilities with Last Day Party for you and the organizations you own or collaborate with:

1. Your Lastdayparty membership is free. This allows you to submit ideas, which will then enter a workflow: from brainstorming, evaluation, and implementation to make your ideas become real and promote them as a best solution. You have the option to invite other members to join Lastdayparty, to participate in the discussion of ideas of interest or to join your team.

2. Your organizations, such as universities, companies, or institutions, have the possibility of sponsoring one or more idea management campaign open to the public of your market. This allows visitors and members of Lastdayparty who participate in the campaign to view your sponsorship banner in the campaign overview, click on it, join your profile and have all the information they need to interact with you.

3. Your organizations can also make a more structured partnership with Lastdayparty so that you can manage an ad hoc innovation campaign, collecting, moderating, evaluating and realizing the best ideas that come from your market.

4. If you consider that it might be interesting to implement an internal social network for your organizations, in which the members will participate to innovate, we can recommend the purchase of an ideas and innovation management platform similar to Lastdayparty but within your user population. This can allow managers in your organization to launch unlimited innovation and idea management campaigns, gather ideas from your professionals, brainstorm, evaluate ideas and implement the best ones.

For any sponsorship or partnership request you can write to partnership @

We trust that one of these proposals will be in your interest and we are waiting for you to become our partner.

Are you ready to innovate?
Your Ideas | Our Future
Qmarkets have been approved as a trusted supplier to UK government entities through the Crown Commercial Services’ G-Cloud Framework. The framework lists cloud-based suppliers and solution providers, that meet the UK Government’s stringent requirements. The initiative aims to make the implementation of IT Cloud services quicker, easier, and safer for public sector organisations.

The UK Government G-Cloud framework was established in 2012 to encourage the use of, and trust, in Cloud-based suppliers. The framework includes a comprehensive selection of SaaS offerings, including customer relationship management, project collaboration tools, and idea management platforms.

Qmarkets’ profiles on the G-cloud Digital Marketplace are:

- Qmarkets Q-ideate Idea & Innovation Management Software, for internal use.
- Q-open Open Innovation Software, in the Lastdayparty gender. 

Qmarkets’ collective intelligence SaaS solutions can now be found on the UK Government G-Cloud Framework, listed primarily in the ‘Idea Management’ category. From there, public sector organizations will be able to view important information about Qmarkets, including technical specifications, pricing information, and a service level agreement.

Qmarkets have lots of experience with government bodies across the globe, so they are pleased to be listed as a trusted supplier on the UK Government G-Cloud Framework. This will allow for the UK public sector to safely use the Qmarkets cutting-edge innovation technology, which has become crucial in such disruptive times.

Qmarkets has a dedicated UK presence to support and assist organizations in the UK who are interested in engaging any audience to generate innovative ideas and results. This development will help organizations in both the public and private sector to know what to expect when choosing to work with Qmarkets on strategic innovation initiatives.

Lastdayparty, which is a partner of Qmarkets for the sale, implementation and consulting in the field of Cloud solutions for the management of ideas and innovation, hopes that other countries will align with the UK standards, so that the adoption of its solutions is even more efficient and secure, especially in the public sector.

If you are interested in learning more about our collective intelligence solutions and ideas & innovation management, you can contact Lastdayparty via email at partnership (at) or directly on the Qmarkets website.
Last Day Party is starting to form partnerships with some European universities and intends to extend its proposal to all the most advanced universities in the world.

As the world's most advanced collective intelligence platform for the management of ideas and innovation, Last Day Party proposes to involve in its network motivated and prepared students in their study disciplines, together with their professors, with the following purposes:
  1. Allow the sharing of knowledge that is the result of their studies, their critical thinking and their research.
  2. Create a didactic and technological tool for learning, experimenting and sharing.
  3. Be a node of exchange and interaction between universities and the world of work.
  4. Involve the best thinking resources on the planet to contribute to research on avant-garde themes, interacting with students belonging to other universities. At present, students can participate in some forty innovation campaigns, and many more will be launched within the current year.

The use of the service, completely free of charge, can take place, through the automatic translation of the content, in one of the 5 languages ​​currently implemented: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Students will be able to respond to the innovation campaigns of the third millennium by presenting their best ideas, which will enter a scientific and structured workflow, ranging from presentation to collaboration, from evaluation to implementation, aimed at achieving the best for each of the campaigns launched by Last Day Party and its partners.

Through Last Day Party and the Gamification features integrated into its platform, the best contributions can also be rewarded economically or through proposals for employment or collaboration in the area of ​​specialization of the authors.

If your response to our proposal was positive, we would have the following possibilities to carry out the partnership operation between the participating university and Last Day Party:
  1. The faculty and the departments participating in the initiative will communicate to students about their adhesion to the partnership proposed by Last Day Party, leaving students free to choose whether to join the platform and participate in the innovation campaigns reserved for them for which they have interest.
  2. Universities select students who express their interest in the initiative, collect their email addresses and communicate them to Last Day Party, along with their full name. The system will notify them of the possibility of completing the registration through their profiling, before being able to interact with the contents of the platform.
If you represent a university or a student association and you are interested in having more information about it, you can forward your requests to the email address partnership (at)
Last Day Party will be at your disposal for any clarification useful for understanding the potential and synergies that we are able to offer you.

Last Day Party
Your Ideas | Our Future
As World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, Coronavirus has become a pandemic.

The measures adopted by governments in which the spread of Coronavirus has been most important, including China, South Korea and Italy, consist of putting the population in quarantine in order to slow down and stop the infections.

To this end, economic activities that involve the closeness or assemblage of many people must be reduced, controlled or suspended for the period necessary to reduce or eliminate contagions.

Fortunately, modern information technologies today allow people to work from home through smart working, mitigating the penalization of the economy and of the decision-making processes.

In this context, Last Day Party is proud to make its collective intelligence platform available to organizations for which decision-making processes must be guaranteed in a collaborative and scientific way. In this way, for example:
  • Companies can involve their collaborators and their market from home to carry out continuous improvement or open innovation initiatives, linked to new products, services or processes.
  • Public administrations can launch improvement campaigns involving citizens in reporting and effective treatment of malfunctions in the area.
  • Governments can implement their decision-making processes in the formulation of new decrees and laws by involving elected government representatives in a virtual committee that can be decentralized from the walls of the chambers or senates.
  • Universities and schools can have students carry out research at home about the challenges they have the opportunity to launch on Last Day Party.

You are therefore invited to become a member of Last Day Party through the Sign Up to contribute with your ideas to solve the campaigns of the third millennium or to present the challenges that you will want to manage as a company, public administration, institution, government or university.

Your Ideas | Our Future

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