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Active Campaigns

  • Ethical Financial Market!

    Let’s define together the principal guidelines and new challenges of finance of the third millennium.
  • The Roads of the Future!

    Take part in the discussion about possible improvements to road infrastructure, technologies and road conditions, which you believe should be implemented to build the roads of the future.

  • Capable Identities!

    Capable identities accompanies you in the discovery of your personal power and teaches you how to use thoughts and emotions to create the reality you desire. Contribute with your ideas to determine the states of conscience and the individual and collective winning behavioral strategies in tomorrow's society.
  • Evolutionary Love!

    Let's understand how our Love for God and nature, ourselves and the others human being should evolve in our lives in the Imaginary Time!
  • The Microcredit for Your Business!

    If you represent a company or have an entrepreneurial idea linked to handicraft, commerce, services or innovative technology and intend to use the microcredit managed by Last Day Party, submit the idea that you need to finance.
  • Transhumanist Challenge!

    Join the discussion of the international intellectual movement H+ aimed to transform the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.
  • Industry 4.0!

    The current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies represents the fourth Industrial Revolution. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. Help us to define and spread the worldwide best practices and solutions.
  • Drugs Regulation!

    Share your ideas about a new regulation on the use and sale of drugs, which takes into account both the individual needs that each type of substance is able to satisfy, both the social problem induced by their consumption and characterized by the phenomenon of addiction, both aspects related to its business.
  • The Nature of Time!

    Contribute with your research and your ideas to explain the nature of time, its interaction in the evolutionary process of the human race and consciousness.
  • Improve Mental Health!

    Contribute with your ideas to improve the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders.
  • Royal Couples!

    The recent wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan confronts us with the values that should distinguish royal couples, in whom we identify ourselves and which should represent many of us, through their public role. Share with us your opinion on the values your preferred public couples should to embody, in order to elect the best among them.
  • Exponential Organizations!

    Let's define together the best management practices, through ideas and examples, to make your and our start-up or innovative company an exponential organization.
  • Save Mother Nature!

    The cry for help of nature is the consequence of terrestrial overpopulation and uncontrolled human activity, such as massive deforestation, atmospheric pollution, and discharges of polluting substances in rivers and oceans. Help us to report environmental abuses and to propose solutions.
  • Migration Challenge!

    The challenge of migrants from the African continent is considered by many a problem which afflicts Europe, in particular Italy, but also an opportunity. Contribute with your ideas to the definition of an effective strategy of migration to find a solution.
  • Digital Innovation in the Bank!

    Last Day Party intends to give voice to sector experts to formulate structured information around digital innovation in the Bank.
  • Love Has No Gender!

    Homosexuality, transsexuality, heterosexuality, homogenitoriality, are terms that in recent years have become part of the common lexicon. These are categories that belong to the moral sphere of each of us, but which today are presented as a controversial social and political issue in many countries. What do you think?
  • A New Dawn in Politics!

    Submit your program for the local or international community and your constitutional, legislative, administrative, referendum, organizational and procedural ideas, so that political systems cam evolve towards an intelligent democracy that is not a victim of populism.
  • We Have a Dream!

    Separate the Gold from the Gravel in every Social, Religious and Ethnic Group to defeat Racism by judging Good and Evil at the source of our thoughts and actions. We identify which ones.


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