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Active Campaigns

  • High Added Value Consultancy!

    Let us discuss and promote the best practices and techniques of consultancy firms, their most innovative business models and the skills best suited to serving companies operating in this early 3rd millennium.
  • For a Better Tomorrow's Society!

    Propose your ideas and non-profit projects for tomorrow's society, whether they are related to brave action for local communities, or administrative and governmental measures to solve social problems on a regional, national, or global scale.
  • Artistic and Cultural Echo!

    Submit your ideas and suggestions to echo local art and culture, promote and finance the best projects and welcome new collaborators to your team.
  • Management, Leadership & The Future Of Work!

    Participate in promoting the best management techniques, the most effective leadership styles, and the works of the future.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality!

    Contribute with your innovative ideas to the health, comfort, well-being, and productivity of people within and around buildings and structures.
  • Spiritual Power in the Holistic World!

    Document your experiences and present your original ideas about how sensitivity to spiritual values ​​leads in the holistic sphere to the most advanced level of human development.
  • Defeat the Coronavirus!

    Let's help together formulate and disseminate the best ideas to defeat the Coronavirus.
  • The Third Temple!

    Support the construction of the Third Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
  • Customer Centricity!

    Let's define together an efficient customer centricity strategy as a cultural, management, marketing and sales concept that places customers and not the product at the center of successful companies interest, maximizing the customer experience.
  • Spread of the Wellness!

    Submit your ideas to spread the best solutions related to well-being and wellness.
  • Sustainable Mobility!

    Contribute to sustainable mobility with innovative ideas, inherent to new technological and organizational solutions, to be implemented with the city's public administrations or private organizations.
  • Smart Economy!

    Submit your ideas of best practices and rules in order to pursue economic system sustainability in the sign of efficiency, optimization, meritocracy, value added, environmental respect and social justice.
  • Internet 2.0!

    Contribute to the construction of Internet 2.0, integrating IT architectures and technologies, digital platforms and online services, laws and regulations, social behavior and trends, for a new World Wide Web of the digital age.
  • Women Outside the Box!

    This campaign for women and girls, is aimed to contribute to the defense of their rights, their emancipation and their protection from all kinds of abuse. Participate by submitting your idea or request for support.
  • Breakthrough Technologies!

    Submit your proposals on breakthrough technologies that characterize the beginning of the third millennium, and which could revolutionize the lives of human beings on Earth for their impact in the most important fields for human development and preservation.
  • The Understanding of the Universe!

    The Universe is as a complex and orderly system. Submit your ideas and theories to improve our understanding of the reasons for its existence and significance, within a scientific, religious, and philosophical contemplation of its nature, and reasons for existing.
  • Save the Children!

    Propose your ideas and make your recommendations to solve the problems of Health, Nutrition, Education, Poverty, Exploitation, Abuse and Bullying on children at local and global level, to offer them greater Protection and Rights.
  • University at the Forefront!

    Are you a teacher, a researcher, a university student, or did you graduate recently? Propose your ideas to improve the faculty you have attended with an idea regarding a specific course or the general objectives of the university.

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