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Got It

Want to be an Ideapreneur?

Here is a step by step flow of how our Innovation Management platform works.

Step #1
Do you have a great idea for addressing a business problem, need or opportunity associated to one of the currently open campaigns? Do you have an idea, or even a direction, which can make a difference? Share it with us by submitting it to one of the Campaigns currently presented at the top of the homepage.

Does your idea not fit one of the open campaigns? Simply submit a random idea, not related to any of the open campaigns.

Submission is easy – just insert a title, a description and the rest of the fields that were added according to their relevance to the campaign you are addressing.

The idea can be submitted individually, or you can add a list of people that created the idea with you. You can also choose to submit your idea anonymously, simply by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the idea submission form.

Once the idea is submitted, it will be visible to the rest of the community, who can enrich and collaborate around it.
Step #2
Even if you don't have an idea of your own, you can make an enormous contribution by making your colleagues' ideas better. You will be surprised how quickly an idea can evolve by being socially immersed.

Collaboration can be done in many ways:

- Leave a comment on an idea… your comment can be a significant contribution even if it submitted anonymously.
- Vote for an idea by using the community voting tool offered to you in the campaign (could be likes, 5-stars or thumbs up/down, depending on the campaign manager’s decision). Offer encouragement, suggestions, or a new perspective.
- Share an interesting idea with a colleague.
- Or Subscribe to the idea so as to receive updates and stay involved.

Your contribution is appreciated and will result in you earning points and collecting badges.
Step #3
The evaluation can be done in different stages of the idea life cycle, by using various tools and methodologies, such as filling out an evaluation form, using score card rating, token voting, an idea tournament and more. Ideas will be assessed by experts and other professionals assigned per campaign, according to the organizational structure or according to their specialty.

The best ideas are challenged, changed, combined and modified by the time they make it to the end of the approval process.

The purpose of the evaluation stage is to enable the campaign managers to efficiently select the best ideas for implementation.
Step #4
Once an idea is selected, the core team will decide on the next appropriate route to realization for your idea.

A dedicated team can be gathered and managed in order to achieve successful implementation, while all tasks and project goals can be fully transparent and communicated to the idea’s submitters as well as to the entire community.

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