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A New Dawn in Politics!

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Submit your program for the local or international community and your constitutional, legislative, administrative, referendum, organizational and procedural ideas, so that political systems cam evolve towards an intelligent democracy that is not a victim of populism.
Throughout the globe the political system is functioning according to old paradigms. The political leaders of democratic countries in fact exploit the flaws of the system in place to receive the votes of citizens, whether they are political, administrative or referendum elections, according to patterns that fall into populism. Political leaders who possess the best dialectics and the best charisma have the opportunity to earn more votes, but this does not imply that they are capable, wise and honest. Once elected, they are not often able to act consistently with their program or in the interest of their Country and future generations. Outgoing governments are in most cases disadvantaged in the new elections because they are criticized on the facts, unlike political oppositions, which suddenly become more credible. Political programs in the paper are all beautiful, but the feasibility and sustainability of a program can not be judged by ordinary citizens, who will choose those who promise them more advantages in the short term. Citizens' preferences on certain referendum proposals, candidates or political parties are likely to change faster than the implementation time of the guidelines by the governments. Political power and corruption often go hand in hand, just as the honesty of the forces in the field declines in front of the personal interests or the forcing of the lobbies to which they serve, without any fidelity to the values ​​that in theory should permeate their choices for the common good. LastDayParty leverages Collective Intelligence to avoid Politics to be victim of the ignorant populism. Collective Intelligence is shared of group intelligence that emerges from collaboration, collective efforts, and competitions of many individuals and appears in consensus decision making. By submitting your ideas to this and others Last Day Party campaigns, our community allows to resolve the contradictions of the worn-out system in which the majority of people are disappointed, so that each choice can be assessed with the knowledge of all the intelligences that populate this world, and the generations of this third millennium, who have merit, can see a new dawn.

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