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Artistic and Cultural Echo!

Open For Submission
Submit your ideas and suggestions to echo local art and culture, promote and finance the best projects and welcome new collaborators to your team.
Culture and art have accompanied humans since prehistory. We can express our emotions through literature, architecture, painting, sculpture, music, photography, cinema, theatre, dance, illusionism, comics, video games and so on. They make us the critical reflect, and we can describe our world through them. Culture and Art are our universal language, and first of all they just give us pleasure and improve the quality of our lives.
The Artistic and Cultural Echo Campaign on Last Day Party asks art and cultural organisations, educational institutions and local authorities to come together to drive a joined-up art and cultural offer locally, to share resources and bring about a more coherent and visible offer, in cultural and artistic terms, through partnerships between them, and with artists and cultural educators.
Since the 1980s, a lot has been said about the role of culture and the creative sectors, not only in the context of social development, but also in economic development. According to UNESCO the cultural and creative sectors account for millions of jobs in the world, increase the attractiveness of cities and generate millions of euros in income.
Here is some interesting data collected by UNESCO in the report “Cultural times, the first global map of cultural and creative industries” edited in 2015:
  • Revenue from the cultural and creative industries brings 2.25 billion dollars a year and accounts for 3% of the world’s GDP.
  • Cultural and creative sectors generate 29.5 million jobs in the world which is more than the automotive industry in Europe, Japan and the United States together – predominantly in the visual arts, music and books.
  • The cultural production is young, inclusive and enterprising. In Europe, cultural and creative sectors employ more workers between the ages of 15 and 29 than any other sector, most as small businesses and freelancers.
However, if established artists and cultural organizations do not struggle to find space and finance themselves with their sales, the same cannot be said for the category of novices and emerging artists, who would need to be helped. The Artistic and Cultural Echo campaign on Last Day Party is aimed at them in particular.
Therefore, we invite the players in this fundamental sector for society and the economy to support the emerging artists and organizations operating in the artistic and cultural sectors by:
  1. Register on Last Day Party for free and without obligation. It allows you to interact with other members through votes and comments on existing ideas or to propose original ideas regarding the issues that should be solved and the opportunities that can arise through collaboration and cooperation in the artistic and cultural fields.
  2. Integrate the organizations and projects under development through the “Join the Team” request in the ideas of interest among those presented.
  3. Follow the workflow of ideas, evaluating the best ones that will be approved, funded and implemented with your implication.
  4. Contribute to the financing of the best ideas presented in the campaign, as sponsor, or with a donation to Last Day Party to the following IBAN: IT27 N058 5660 5001 5157 1391 250, BIC BPAAIT2B151, specifying the reason "Artistic and Cultural Echo".
  5. Share this campaign and the best ideas with colleagues and friends, also through social networks, for the promotion of its contents.

Do you echo art and culture?
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