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Defeat the Coronavirus!

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Let's help together formulate and disseminate the best ideas to defeat the Coronavirus.
In this campaign we are committed to defining and implementing possible solutions to defeat the novel Coronavirus in terms of:

• Protection of civilians in the management of the health emergency;
• Identification of the causes of the development of the virus and of the organic and physiological consequences in people;
• Prevention of infectious disease through new vaccines made possible by medical-scientific progress and pharmacological research;
• Limiting the spread of the virus through effective social regulations;
• Individual behaviors suitable not to contract the virus;
• Hospital or home care protocols for improving medical conditions or healing the sick;
• Psychological and social advice to counteract the behavioral changes imposed on people;
• Governmental, economic, managerial and administrative solutions to reduce the negative economic and social impact of the pandemic;
• New technologies and applications useful for the containment of the pandemic and for collective coexistence with the virus;
• Analysis of statistical data to highlight correlations with other contagion or death risk factors and to define best practices worldwide.

Last Day Party uses collective intelligence to make a fundamental contribution in the fight against Coronavirus. If you intend to support the Defeat the Coronavirus campaign, you can do it in three ways:

1. Join Last Day Party, it's free and without obligation. In this way, through your ideas you will be able to make your contribution that can be rewarded.
2. Share this campaign with your family, friends and colleagues.
3. Financially support the campaign as sponsor by making a donation to Last Day Party by bank transfer to the following IBAN: IT27 N058 5660 5001 5157 1391 250, BIC BPAAIT2B151, specifying the cause "Defeat the Coronavirus".

Last Day Party
To Defeat the Coronavirus!

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