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Digital Philosophy!

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Contribute to the understanding of the human mind and the universe through your ideas and experiences observed with a lens at the frontier of knowledge, known as Digital Philosophy.
As we know, philosophy (from Greek φιλοσοφία, philosophia, literally "love of wisdom" is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.
In the last thirty years, Digital Philosophy (also digital ontology) has had its advent as a philosophy and cosmology advocated by certain mathematicians and theoretical physicists, including: Edward Fredkin, Konrad Zuse, Stephen Wolfram, Rudy Rucker, Gregory Chaitin, and Seth Lloyd.
Digital philosophy is a modern re-interpretation of Gottfried Leibniz's monist metaphysics, one that replaces Leibniz's monads with aspects of the theory of cellular automata. Since, following Leibniz, the mind can be given a computational treatment, digital philosophy attempts to consider some main issues in the philosophy of mind. The digital approach attempts to deal with the non-deterministic quantum theory, where it assumes that all information must have finite and discrete means of its representation, and that the evolution of a physical state is governed by local and deterministic rules.
In digital physics, existence and thought would consist of only computation. (However, not all computation would necessarily be thought.) Thus computation is the single substance of a monist metaphysics, while subjectivity arises from computational universality. There are many variants of digital philosophy; however, most of them are Digital data theories that view all of physical realities and cognitive science and so on, in framework of information theory.
The Digital Philosophy is therefore a philosophy with connections in the field of Information Theory, Mathematics, Physics, Metaphysics, Cognitive Science, Biology, Cosmology, and is able to question the results of the Einstein's theory of general relativity as well as the fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics.
If your way of thinking is at the edge of knowledge and is reflected in these concepts, you should contribute to this campaign with your ideas and your experiences.

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