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Separate the Gold from the Gravel in every Social, Religious and Ethnic Group to defeat Racism by judging Good and Evil at the source of our thoughts and actions. We identify which ones.

Every people has its own characteristics, traditions and beliefs. In the history of the civilizations that have lived in our world, the peoples have made war, with conquerors and losers, some have subjugated others into slavery, more recently some have been colonized, then they have peacefully crossed and mixed together. But even today, in a global world, there exists the exclusion and racial persecution perpetrated by certain social, religious and ethnic groups at the expense of others. We are all children of the same God and we should populate the earth peacefully, respecting every diversity. But good and bad exist in all cultures, among whites as well as among blacks, or within every religious community, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu or other. Separating gold from gravel in each community is LastDayParty's commitment to defeating evil, racism and inequality.

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