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Drugs Regulation!

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Share your ideas about a new regulation on the use and sale of drugs, which takes into account both the individual needs that each type of substance is able to satisfy, both the social problem induced by their consumption and characterized by the phenomenon of addiction, both aspects related to its business.
Psychoactive substances, better defined with the name of drugs, are considered systematically illegal almost everywhere. However, the war of states to drugs has failed, to the extent that current policies have proved ineffective to limit their use by the population, in a dynamic in which organized crime manages huge traffic, within a business highly prosperous.
The drugs are not all the same and being illegal their quality is not monitored to limit the danger that, in some cases, can also cause death, extremely violent behavior by the consumer or abnormal thinking that can induce the onset of mental illness.
If some drugs, such as cocaine, were legalized, regulated and controlled, the economic flow generated by the states would be used to finance psychological assistance services in relation to situations of abuse, information campaigns aimed at persuading abstinence from their use, above all in risky situations such as driving a vehicle, in a context where the traceability of substances would help to ensure quality, thus reducing social costs.
A new regulation for drugs would induce a virtuous circle both economic and social. It must be studied with knowledge of cause and vision through collective intelligence, assessment by experts, weighted evaluations by representative committees, and effective project management for the implementation of actions aimed at change, within a serious, structured and scientific workflow.
All this is possible through Last Day Party, to which we invite you to register to participate with our community in the creation of a better world.

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