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Exponential Organizations!

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Let's define together the best management practices, through ideas and examples, to make your and our start-up or innovative company an exponential organization.
In the past it took twenty years to create a billion-dollar business. Groupon did it in eighteen months. What we have before us is a new type of company: "exponential organizations", which pulverize growth times through technologies, reducing costs exponentially. If performance in the business is the main key to evaluation, in recent years these emerging realities have upset the usual parameters. They do not buy assets, but they leverage the ideas and initiatives of the communities that support them. They are innovators and change the rules, both internally and externally, revolutionizing entire markets. We want to be part of it with you, integrating the content of the participants and members of the Last Day Party community, by defining the best world practices to make your and our start-up, or innovative company, an exponential organization. The transformation we are experiencing involves all the fields, characterizing the most extraordinary era in which to do business. The turning point is epochal, compared by scholars to a "new Cambrian explosion", which requires thinking big, foreshadowing a world in which the fundamental question becomes that suggested by Larry Page: "Are you working on something that can change the world? "

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