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Let us discuss and promote the best practices and techniques of consultancy firms, their most innovative business models and the skills best suited to serving companies operating in this early 3rd millennium.
A consulting firm or simply consultancy is a professional service firm that provides expert advice for a fee. Consulting firms may have one employee or thousands; they may consult in broad range of domains, for example, management, engineering, and so on.

Management consultants, in particular, typically work with company executives and provide them with generalists and industry-specific specialists, known as subject-matter experts, usually trained in management or business schools. The deliverable of a management consultant is usually recommendations for achieving a company objective, leading to a company project.

Many consulting firms complement the recommendations with implementation support, either by the consultants or by technicians and other experts in outsourcing.

The segmentation of advisory services varies widely across organizations and countries. One approach is to separate services into four broad service delivery families, considering the managers they are targeting:
  • Services related to the company's overall strategy, which are addressed to the CEO;
  • Services related to marketing, communication, sales, and public relations, which are addressed to the CMO;
  • Services related to management, financial management, taxation, accounting, compliance with regulations, for the CFO;
  • Services related to the company's operations, including information technology, intended for operational management, which may be different depending on the industrial sector (technology director, plant managers, operations directors, Research and Development managers), for instance COO and CTO.
Through this idea management campaign, Lastdayparty aims to build a base of information and knowledge in order to promote the best consultancy firms, analysis techniques, skills and professional services available to companies and the public sector, so that every problem can be solved and every opportunity seized, optimizing resources, reducing costs, increasing revenues, improving the organization and satisfaction of managers and collaborators, respecting the environment ... maximizing added value.

By submitting your idea you will find in the list of categories the consulting sector you are referring to. Your idea will be discussed, analyzed by an expert, evaluated by an evaluation jury and the best ideas will be promoted by Lastdayparty in contexts where they can offer the highest added value.

Consulting firms that want to increase their visibility on their market have the opportunity to sponsor this campaign. In this case, after subscribing to Lastdayparty, send us your request through the Contact Us feature in the Help menu.

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