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Improve Mental Health!

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Contribute with your ideas to improve the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders.
Psychiatry is the specialized branch of medicine that deals with the experimental study, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders. It can be defined as a "synthetic discipline", since the maintenance and the pursuit of mental health, which is the fundamental purpose of psychiatry, is obtained by taking into consideration different areas: medical-pharmacological, neurological, psychological, sociological, juridical, political. It is oriented towards the identification of the mental or psychological disorder as deriving from an anomalous functioning at the physiological level of the central nervous system following a strictly scientific-materialistic practice or optics, often treating serious psychotic pathologies such as schizophrenia and serious mood disorders that may require hospitalization and pharmacological treatments, such as severe depressions and bipolar disorder. Many famous people have had psychiatric problems, such as the painter Vincent van Gogh, Eduard Einstein, son of the scientist Albert Einstein, the mathematician and economist John Forbes Nash, the Italian poet Alda Merini, or the writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway, only for to name a few. With the Improve Mental Health campaign, you are called upon to contribute to the development of this medical discipline which has made considerable progress in recent decades, but which still has room for improvement.

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