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Indoor Environmental Quality!

Open For Submission
Contribute with your innovative ideas to the health, comfort, well-being, and productivity of people within and around buildings and structures.
The Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) concerns design, construction and maintenance guidelines in terms of indoor air quality (IAQ), thermal quality, lighting quality, acoustic quality and visual quality.

Last Day Party invites manufacturers, researchers, designers, integrators, installers, builders, professors, journalists and students to participate to this innovation campaign with the most intelligent ideas in adopting the best standards, understanding the advantages offered by the best technologies, selecting the most efficient solutions, and spreading best practices for the Indoor Environmental Quality.

Your ideas will follow a structured and scientific workflow: collection of ideas, discussion and collaboration, expert review and evaluation by a jury, up to approval, implementation, prizegiving and promotion.

The quality of life depends on Indoor Environmental Quality. Are you ready for this?
Last Day Party
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