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Save Mother Nature!

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The cry for help of nature is the consequence of terrestrial overpopulation and uncontrolled human activity, such as massive deforestation, atmospheric pollution, and discharges of polluting substances in rivers and oceans. Help us to report environmental abuses and to propose solutions.
The most serious phenomenon in progress is the global warming associated with climate change, which are leading to the progressive melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers, the progress of the desertified areas, the rise in sea levels and the increase in frequency and intensity of natural disasters.

This is one of the biggest problems, but not the only one, since the balance of the terrestrial ecosystem lies in all its elements including for example the role of bees, at risk of extinction, in the process of pollination of trees, or oxygen levels in the oceans that, under certain levels, prevent fish from surviving.

If the human race does not intervene to slow down or reverse this process that seems irreversible, the death of many living beings and the extinction of many species, including the human one, can not be avoided.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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