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Save the Children!

Open For Submission
Propose your ideas and make your recommendations to solve the problems of Health, Nutrition, Education, Poverty, Exploitation, Abuse and Bullying on children at local and global level, to offer them greater Protection and Rights.
The themes of Child Protection and Rights are at the center of Last Day Party's concerns that has launched the Save the Children campaign.
Through Save the Children you can support our struggle on the following issues:

1. Health: improving the physical, psychological and social well-being of children, as well as the absence of disease.
2. Nutrition: supporting the survival, growth, development and integrity of children.
3. Education: support activities aimed at the development and formation of knowledge and mental, social and behavioral faculties of children.
4. Poverty: improve the condition of children who find themselves, for economic reasons, a limited, or totally missing in the case of poverty, access to essential, primary, and vital goods.
5. Exploitation: to report situations of child labor or child exploitation and to propose solutions to limit or eliminate it.
6. Abuse: report situations of child maltreatment, physical, sexual and / or psychological or neglect of a child and children, in particular by a parent or other carer.
7. Bullying: to report violent and intentional forms of social behavior, both physical and psychological, oppressive, repeated over time and implemented against children and adolescents unable to defend themselves.
8. Protection: proposing solutions to educate and raise children's awareness of the risks and pitfalls in real life and on the web, or to adopt protection tools, which limit the possibility of viewing dangerous images, videos and websites.
9. Rights: the rights of children were decided in 1989 thanks to a convention of the United Nations. Help us to improve it and make it spread all over the world.

With your ideas, your recommendations and your support we can Save the Children.

Last Day Party
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