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Spiritual Power in the Holistic World!

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Document your experiences and present your original ideas about how sensitivity to spiritual values ​​leads in the holistic sphere to the most advanced level of human development.
As claimed by the greatest philosophers, there is the certainty that deep knowledge of oneself can lead to fullness in human existence and to the true meaning of life.

However, in the historical context in which we live, our existence has been mainly focused on the material level, in the continuous search for a psycho-physical well-being to satisfy the needs of the Maslow pyramid, thinking that this was our only source of intelligence and of well-being. This trend has created a detachment from spiritual values ​​and, consequently, a clear separation of the human being from his energetic and functional whole, from other individuals and from the environment in which he lives.

Among the causes for which we can see that our value system is in crisis, there is this approach to life, which makes us suffer a series of problems both individually and collectively, bringing the social and economic system, as well as the whole humanity, to the implosion of its possibilities and resources. These strong signs of dysfunction make us aware that we have reached the peak of a historical period and we need an internal transformation by abandoning the concept of separation.

There would in fact exist a spiritual level of existence, from which matter derives life, intelligence or, at least, the purpose of existing; through it the human being develops the ability to understand himself, in the manner of a sort of command center of human life in full presence, awareness and total openness of consciousness of all spheres of personal existence; through it the Body, Mind and Soul are harmonized and balanced; by emphasizing the personal value of experience, it can even go as far as to include faith in supernatural powers.

In the field of holistic sciences, this different approach to life can be considered as the structural fruit of an emerging evolution, where the constitutive complexity that derives from it in an entity cannot be reduced to its aggregates, since there is the belief that the holism is "... the tendency, in nature, to form integers that are larger than the sum of the parts, through creative evolution" (Jan Smuts, Holism and Evolution, 1926).

Only through research and union with the Spirit, it is possible to find the right and true balance that determines in the first place the full prosperity and evolution of each one. The community will also be led to create a stable and balanced society, leading to full realization and a prosperous and harmonious evolution.

To give life to a new humanity in full union, respecting diversity, and founded on love, it is necessary to leverage spiritual power in the holistic world.

Through this campaign, Last Day Party intends to collect, evaluate, repertoire and promote the best experiential knowledge and practices, evolutionary techniques and the most effective therapies, taking advantage of the theories shared by scholars, to unleash the human power that is in each of us.

The areas of knowledge concern the following categories: Philosophy; Religion (i.e.: Kabbalah, Buddhism, etc.); Metaphysics; Meta-Medicine; Psychology; Quantum Physics; Pseudo-Psychic Sciences (i.e.: esotericism, astrology, alchemy, sacred geometry, numerology, etc.); Evolutionary Techniques (i.e.: meditation, breath, Yoga, etc.); Alternative Therapies (i.e.: hypnosis, crystal therapy, etc.); Supernatural Powers (i.e.: self-healing, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, etc.); Nutrition (i.e.: vegetarian, vegan nutrition, etc.); Art (i.e.: literature, painting, sculpture, etc.); Nature (i.e.: environment, eco-sustainability, etc.); Community life; Events.

Are you ready to unleash your spiritual power?
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