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Wellness refers to different and interconnected dimensions of physical, mental, and social well-being that extend beyond the traditional definition of health. It includes choices and activities aimed at achieving physical vitality, mental alacrity, social satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and personal fulfilment.

The term wellness is an extension and evolution of the concept of fitness: it refers to a philosophy of life that puts the well-being of the person at the center of attention by offering sports activities, regeneration practices as well as mental training combined with a correct diet that favor a state of well-being and psychophysical balance.

Balance and moderation are the key words that distinguish the wellness approach from physical activity. Every activity must be free of the stressful or traumatic aspects that sports and fitness often entail, so as a rule, it has no contraindication.

The term wellness has spread throughout the world at the same time as the awareness that today's society exposes people to states of physical and psychological stress that are the cause of many diseases. The primary objective of wellness is to propose virtuous behaviors in physical activity, nutrition and "maintenance" of one's emotional state.

Regarding the physical condition, wellness includes:
  • A complex cardiovascular activity to be performed at an intensity appropriate to the age and general condition of the subject.
  • The development of tone and muscle strength with machinery and free body.
  • Exercises to improve overall flexibility and balance improvement practices.
  • Relaxation exercises.
  • All the relaxation and regeneration activities typically offered in the spas are now part of the wellness sphere, nowadays more and more frequently integrated in high level sports centers and above all an education for healthy and balanced nutrition.

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