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Sustainable Mobility!

Open For Submission
Contribute to sustainable mobility with innovative ideas, inherent to new technological and organizational solutions, to be implemented with the city's public administrations or private organizations.
The modes of travel, inherent to urban and interurban mobility systems, capable of improving service levels and at the same time reducing the environmental, social and economic impacts generated by means of transport such as vehicles, helicopters, airplanes, drones, trains, subways, nautical boats, and so on, fall within the concept of sustainable mobility.

The Sustainable Mobility campaign is aimed at implementing innovative solutions both in the major capitals of the world and in cities where road, rail, sea, and air traffic conditions are critical, to improve the quality of service to people, provide new services to citizens, reduce the risk of accidents as well as traffic.

It is therefore not just a question of promoting traditional alternative mobility which, in order of importance, is carried out: on foot, by bicycle, by public transport (bus, tram, metropolitan railway system), by shared private transport (car pooling and car sharing), and the optimal combination of various transport systems. It is also necessary to introduce breakthrough innovations that today are being tested, such as means of transport interfaced with Artificial Intelligence, whatever the environmental context in which they move.

The goal is the integration of different types of intervention, including:
  • The exploitation of new ancillary technologies for travel.
  • The strengthening of urban and interurban transport on two wheels, air and sea.
  • The adoption of specific planning and control tools.

We at Last Day Party therefore invite you to submit specific and detailed innovative ideas and solutions for the mobility of the third millennium, to implement or promote them together with you.

Do you support sustainable mobility?
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