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The Evolution of Religions!

Open For Submission
Propose your ideas about how individual religions should evolve, in order to improve coexistence among peoples, the peaceful development of socio-religious communities and the spiritual growth of individuals, based on what you expect to happen in the world as long as you are alive.
The historical development of religions has led humanity to diversify the set of beliefs, experiences, rituals that involve the individual communities in the experience of what is considered sacred, especially with the divinity.
A fundamental reason that has led and still leads to social and ethnic clashes in the various regions of the world has a religious matrix. The same applies to the bases for adequate economic and social development, to the living conditions of women and individuals considered different.
The progress of humanity can not therefore ignore the evolution of religions and the way in which the truth is understood, interpreted and spread through the scriptures, religious leaders and the faithful.
With your creative, proactive and collaborative contribution, through your knowledge and beliefs, your relationship with religion, your interaction with members of your religious community and those of other cults, you can make the world better.
Are you ready then to improve our understanding of the divine, the world and the human being? Submit your idea on Last Day Party right away. Your ideas are our future!

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