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The Microcredit for Your Business!

Open For Submission
If you represent a company or have an entrepreneurial idea linked to handicraft, commerce, services or innovative technology and intend to use the microcredit managed by Last Day Party, submit the idea that you need to finance.
Microcredit managed by Last Day Party and its financial partners consists of a secured loan whose amount, interest rate and repayment period in installments depends on the sector of activity and the geographical area to which it belongs.

The most privileged conditions that we or our financial partners offer cover a loan of 42 thousand euros repayable over 9 years with a 6% APR.

For an effective treatment of your application, we invite you immediately to register for Last Day Party, taking care to complete your user profile in an exhaustive and exact manner, in particular regarding your skills and the geographical area of ​​residence.

To request the disbursement of our microcredit, press the Submit Idea button and fill out the form. It consists of a title, a description, the requested budget and the category as well as the Co-Star self-assessment tool, which consists of the prior identification of Customers, Opportunities, Solutions, Teams, Benefits and Results. If you have prepared presentation documents, you can attach them in PDF, PowerPoint, Word or Excel format.

Before sending the information to Last Day Party, thanks to the algorithm of semantic analysis of information integrated into the system, ideas similar to yours already present in the platform to which you can associate will be presented to you.

The submission of the business idea on Last Day Party constitutes the first phase of the process, after which the idea will enter a public discussion phase with the aim of improving its definition, putting it in competition with other ideas, through the 5 Star rating, and the comments of the community members..

If you believe that your idea is to be protected from an intellectual point of view, because for example patentable, we recommend that you select the confidential submission mode, which will ensure that it will not be publicly shared with other community members other than administrators, experts or the Jury.

The disbursement of microcredit by the funds or banks affiliated to Last Day Party is conditioned by the passing of the technical and sectoral expertise phase of the idea and the evaluation by the Jury of the community, made up of experts from the world of business, economics and finance.
They will carry out the evaluation using a score card based on ethical, social, political, economic, strategic, financial, operational and technical pondered criteria. The analytical algorithm of the platform provides scientifically the summary of the judgment of the Jury on your idea.

The Last Day Party Angels, with experience in the economic and management field, also provide assistance and monitoring services through the social network both during the preliminary phase and for the entire repayment period.

In particular, Last Day Party and its partners can provide:
1) Support to the definition of the strategy to develop the financed project, and to the analysis of solutions for the optimal performance of the activity;
2) Training on company administration techniques, both in terms of accounting management, financial management and human resource management;
3) Training in advanced technologies to increase the productivity of the activity;
4) Support for defining prices and sales strategies, through market studies;
5) Support for the solution of legal, fiscal, and administrative problems and information regarding the services available on the market;
6) Support for the identification and diagnosis of any critical issues in the path of the funded project.

To take advantage of these activities, Last Day Party puts at your disposal the extended functionality of Project Management that allows you to optimize time and costs as well as enrich your team of new collaborators to successfully manage the implementation phase of your idea, your project or your business.

The cost of the service provided by Last Day Party will be charged to you only if the idea or project is successful, when the microcredit will be provided by one of our financial partners. It consists of a fixed part of € 216 including VAT for the management of files + 2% of the total value of the loan in the form of one-off payment in terms of success fees.

What are you waiting to finance your business with Last Day Party? Submit your idea right away!

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