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The Nature of Time!

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Contribute with your research and your ideas to explain the nature of time, its interaction in the evolutionary process of the human race and consciousness.
The Nature of Time is a campaign run together with the non-profit scientific organization 216-digits with the aim of giving answers to the fundamental questions of humanity about:

1. The understanding of time in mathematical and physical terms (in particular using number theory, quantum mechanics and digital philosophy), also in relation to its interactive dynamics with space, matter, energy and the cosmos.
2. The historical interpretation of time in religious, philosophical and metaphysical terms (using Jewish numerology, considering the book of the Apocalypse of John and the contributions of modern philosophers).
3. The interaction that time has with the evolution of the human race and consciousness, with the aim of explaining the nature of the human being (using notions of biology and neuroscience).

Last Day Party uses collective intelligence to make a fundamental contribution in the understanding of Time and human evolution. If you intend to support The Nature of Time campaign, you can do it in three ways:

1. Subscribe to Last Day Party, it's free and without obligation. In this way, through your ideas you will be able to make your contribution that can be rewarded.
2. Share this campaign with your family, friends and colleagues.
3. You can also financially support the campaign as sponsor by making a donation to Last Day Party by bank transfer to the following IBAN: IT27 N058 5660 5001 5157 1391 250, BIC BPAAIT2B151, specifying the cause "The Nature of Time".

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