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The Third Temple!

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Support the construction of the Third Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
As anticipated in the Divine Announcement, Last Day Party leverages the collective intelligence to make people aware that it is necessary to carry out what is written in the Holy Scriptures, joining the cause of the Temple Institute, which is dedicated to every aspect of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, and the central role it fulfilled, and will once again fulfill, in the spiritual wellbeing of both Israel and the nations of the world.

The Institute's work touches upon the history of the Holy Temple of the future. The Institute's activities include education, research, and development. The Temple Institute's ultimate goal to see Israel rebuild the Holy Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, in accord with the Biblical commandments.

If you intend to support the construction of the Third Temple of Jerusalem, you can do it in three ways:
  1. Subscribe to Last Day Party, it's free and without obligation. In this way you can give your rating and make your comments on existing ideas or you can submit your ideas which, if they are implemented, will entitle you to transform the score you have accumulated into a prize.
  2. Share this campaign privately with your closest friends and, if you deem it appropriate, on Social Networks, by publishing the relevant link on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profile. To facilitate the task, Last Day Party puts at your disposal the sharing tool with the related icons, which via PC is present on the right of the desktop, while via smartphone it is presented at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Financially support the campaign by making a donation directly to the Temple Institute or to Last Day Party Srls through a bank transfer to the following IBAN: IT27 N058 5660 5001 5157 1391 250, BIC BPAAIT2B151, domiciled at the Volksbank (Banca Popolare dell'Alto Adige), Marostica branch in Italy, specifying the cause “for the third temple”.
Last Day Party
For the Third Temple !

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